Archives: Workshops & Seminars

In addition to the Diploma Course in International Environmental Law, the International Law Programme (former ELP) has occasionally conducted workshops and seminars on selected topics of environmental law. These events were held in a variety of locations and explored issue-areas such as environmental law implementation, environment and trade, ICZM, land-based marine pollution, sustainable tourism, waste and water management. The meetings were crafted to focus on the most compelling issues within each topic and provided an opportunity for interested stakeholders to present and learn about recent research; explore innovations related to legal implementation; augment their understanding of relevant agreements and share knowledge on a variety of policies for adequate environmental management.

Workshops and seminars are organized with partner organisations and depend on the availability of funds. Recent activities were conducted with the support of: Swiss Federal Office for the Environment FOEN; European Lawyers Union (UAE); Faculty of Law and Political Science and the Francophone Centre of Legal Studies of the University of La Rochelle; French Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Territorial Development, Urbanism, Habitat and the Environment of the Kingdom of Morocco; Service of International Cooperation for the Environment and Development of the Principality of Monaco; Commission of the Indian Ocean; Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie; Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature; Procuradoria Municipal do Rio de Janeiro; VEOLIA Environnement; Ministry for Regional Planning, Water, and the Environment of the Kingdom of Morocco; Faculty of Judicial, Political and Social Sciences of Tunisia; Ministry of the Environment of Seychelles; Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform of the Republic of Lebanon (OMSAR); Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Physical Planning; Environment and Public Health of the Republic of Senegal; Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Belgium Goverment; Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).