ILP CourseThe International Law Programme is implementing the Spanish version of its series of e-courses on International Environmental Law (IEL) due to the high demand from Latin American Countries for this kind of training.

Latin America comprises several countries with a wide variety of cultures that share a great deal in common and must prepare themselves for new environmental challenges. Today, many Latin American countries have to implement numerous Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) at national levels with limited financial, technical and particularly human resources capabilities.

UNITAR contributes to train individuals who will participate, in different ways, in making and applying environmental rules in their countries.

Therefore, UNITAR offers the following e-courses in Spanish:

Course 1: Introduction to International Environmental Law
Course 2: International Environmental Governance
Course 3: Techniques and Procedures in IEL
Course 4: International Environmental Negotiations.

The e-courses on IEL will allow participants to combine learning and work and to benefit from high-quality courses in IEL at a moderate cost. The courses are given by renowned regional experts and professors in international law who will guide participants in their learning process and answer their questions.

Furthermore, thanks to UNITAR’s Virtual Learning Platform, participants have full access to course and benefit from the flexibility of being trained at their own pace. This Platform also provides participants to share their experience and knowledge with fellow trainees from different backgrounds and countries of the Latin American region.