The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the University of Geneva invite you for the launching conference of a joint Master’s programme of advanced studies in European Studies and International Governance.



20 January 2017, Geneva, Switzerland - UNOSAT has obtained new satellite imagery that confirms destruction in Palmyra, an ancient city in Syria that was once a thriving cultural hub and is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“Following request from UNESCO we analyzed the cultural...


13 January 2017, Geneva, Switzerland – On 13 January 2017 the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the University of Geneva signed their first agreement to launch a joint Master’s Programme of Advanced Studies in European and International Governance. The signature...


18 December 2016, Hiroshima, Japan - Japan joined the United Nations on this day 60 years ago.

Based in the city of Hiroshima in Japan and reflecting on this anniversary, the UNITAR Hiroshima Office collected photos of our colleagues, who enjoy and are proud of their work. We all feel...


November 2016, Vientiane, Laos - As announced by the UN Secretary-General at the ASEAN Summit, the first UNITAR Regional Training Programme in Peacemaking and Preventive Diplomacy for the Asia-Pacific was organized for diplomats and track two officials in Vientiane 21-25 November. The...


An autonomous UN body established in 1963, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research ( is a training arm of the United Nations System, and has the mandate to enhance the effectiveness of the UN through diplomatic training, and to increase the impact of national actions through public awareness-raising, education and training of public policy officials.  UNITAR provides training and capacity development activities to assist mainly developing countries with special attention to Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and other groups and communities who are most vulnerable, including those in conflict situations.  Read more

UNITAR offers a diverse range of training and training-related activities under the six thematic areas through face-to-face courses, events and e-Learning courses.  Some courses are open to the public and free-of-charge, while others are fee-based and targeted to a specific group of participants.  Our courses and events could last from a half-day conference to a several-month long programme.  We also engage in training-related and other advisory support services for governments to achieve broader social and economic development outcomes. Read more.

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