2012 e-learning Calendar1 June 2012, Geneva, Switzerland - UNITAR's Public Finance and Trade Programme is pleased to announce its series of online courses starting in June 2012 covering a wide-range of topics in the areas of public financial management, international trade, and intellectual property.

All courses take into account the different learning styles, and the instructional design follows adult learning principles. In particular, modular contents, non-linear paths and asynchronous formats allow a high level of flexibility to learners. Each course presents a variety of learning resources. In general, courses favour experiential learning, incorporating activities such as: scenario-based learning, role play, simulations and case studies, group work and online discussions, online mentoring, and document exchange.

The list of June 2012 courses includes:

  • Global Financial Governance
  • Audit of Public Debt
  • Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution (Foundation Course)
  • Fundamentals of the Foreign Exchange Market
  • Introduction to Privacy and Data Protection
  • Leadership Skills for Finance Managers
  • Drafting and Negotiating Clauses of Loan Agreements
  • Economics of the Public Sector
  • Fundamentals of the Financial System
  • Fundamentals of Central Banking and Monetary Policy
  • Basic Course on Public Debt Management
  • Fundamentals of the Derivative Markets

Each course is moderated by an international expert with an in-depth understanding of current challenges and issues. Their real-world experience ensures that the participants will be able to gain relevant and practical insights. These experts have not only provided the basic content and documentation for the courses, but have also worked closely with UNITAR in developing and strengthening the pedagogical and practical aspects of the programme. Participants have full access to these experts via email or through the online discussion facility.

For more information about the above courses or other up-coming events, please see: http://www.unitar.org/pft/events

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