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Planificacion de Ordenamiento Territorial Integrado para la Biodiversidad






En este curso gratuito aprenderá que la planificación del uso del suelo puede ser una herramienta para la conservacion de la biodiversidad y la resistencia al cambio climático mediante el manejo efectivo de los sistemas de áreas protegidas.

Cuando alcance el mínimo necesario para aprobar el curso recibirá un certificado de finalización ofrecido por UNITAR y la UICN.

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Integrated Planning for Climate Change and Biodiversity






In this free course you will learn how land-use planning can be a tool for biodiversity and climate resilience. You will increase your capacity to optimize planning to support biodiversity and climate change adaptation objectives, including through the effective engagement of protected area systems.

You will also learn through practical examples, scenarios and knowledge assessments. Upon successful completion, you will receive a joint UNITARIUCN certificate.

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Techniques and Procedures in International Environmental Law



This course explores the different  mechanisms made available in international environmental law to facilitate the creation and implementation of sound environmental norms; from the regulatory and economic instruments used by policy-makers, to the role of Environmental Impact Assessments and public participation in environmental decisions. 

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International Environmental Law

This course will provide you with the basics of International Environmental Law (IEL) by identifying its sources and fundamental principles, the law-making process, its main actors, as well as the implementation and compliance procedures needed to understand and apply Multilateral Environmental Agreements.

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International Law

This course aims to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals of International Law that is necessary to understand the importance, role and purpose of international law in the contemporary legal order and international community.

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Law of International Organizations

This course aims to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of the key issues of the Law of International Organizations that is necessary to understand the role and position of international organizations in the contemporary legal order. 

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Law of the Treaties

This self-paced course aims to provide you with the fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge of the key issues surrounding the International Law of Treaties. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the provisions of the universal conventions as the sources of the International Law of Treaties and developed critical skills of analysis and interpretation of cases regarding contemporary practice.

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International Humanitarian Law

This course aims to provide you with advanced skill and knowledge of international humanitarian law to give an innovative analysis of the legal uncertainties around new-age military capabilities namely drones and other weaponry systems.
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International Economic Legal Systems & Sustainable Development

This course aims to provide you with effective ways of integrating sustainable development into international economic agreements and other legal instruments (e.g. bilateral investment agreements, free trade agreements, and agreements within the WTO framework)..

International Environmental Governance

The course provides you with comprehensive knowledge on the role of the main actors involved in the development of international environmental law who formulate policy instruments and negotiate and conclude environmental agreements, which is necessary to identify the gaps of the current international environmental governance regime.
Human Rights and Environmental Protection
for Sustainable Development

This course aims to empower policy makers, experts and advocates with the tools needed to develop and implement innovative public polices and laws for the protection of the environment and human rights, specifically targeting the relevant SDGs.
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