UNITAR launched its first online courses in 2003, offering a number of courses in the field of public finance and trade. In the years that followed, the Institute has continued to expand its catalogue, adding courses in the field of multilateral diplomacy, environmental law, and enhancing the offers in the area of public finance and trade, including courses in intellectual property law. In 2009, UNITAR delivered courses covering a variety of new subjects, including in the areas of sustainable urbanization, peacekeeping, and ICT skills, offering over 140 courses in total.

Technology-enhanced learning activities will continue growing at UNITAR, as established in its Strategic Plan 2010-2012. The Institute delivered over 170 e-Learning courses in 2010, launching additional courses in diplomacy, peacekeeping and knowledge management. UNITAR is diversifying its e-Learning offers, operating in new thematic areas, and expanding language coverage, optimizing the use of technology-enhanced learning to increase its outreach.

The expansion of the catalogue of online courses is also aligned with UNITAR’s commitment to the United Nations carbon-neutrality policy, as this delivery modality has positive impact in reducing CO2 emissions associated to the Institute’s training activities.

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