The Knowledge Systems Innovation Unit (KSI) maintains an internship/traineeship programme for graduate and fresh post-graduate students. Trainees joining KSI assist in various research activities on pedagogical approaches, methods and tools for capacity development. Read more

Internship Experiences

"The traineeship with KSI within UNITAR has been a great experience worth having. Beside the international and dynamic environment which gave me the opportunity to interact and learn from people from all over the world, the role itself provided me with a great exposure to a variety of interesting tasks." Emilian Candrea Read more

"Besides having acquired multiple and valuable skills, I have developed and applied the knowledge I gained during my studies and work experiences in an international and multicultural environment that few organizations have." Daniel Garcia Uzquiano Read more

"Working in the entrepreneurship program for young graduates in Algeria was very rewarding. It allowed me to share my professional experience in business to a project, which aims to develop entrepreneurial competencies and skills, in order to create jobs for this target population." Gino Poli Read more

"Working in the e-learning domain made me familiar with how the courses are created and tuned to the need of the target groups. I was also introduced to many new software and e-learning platform thus furthering my knowledge of this dimension of the field of Education." Varsha Nautiyal Read more

"This professional experience has been very satisfactory for me. Thanks to it, I have been able to improve and develop concrete skills and competencies related to the following areas: translation, design, education and training for adults, e-Learning and instructional design, editing, facilitation, communication, public relations, social media, website management and research." Gianna Sanchez Moretti Read more


"I have also had the opportunity to apply in various contexts my graphic design techniques while developing my visual thinking skills. Apart from the professional aspect, I have definitely appreciated the multicultural environment within UNITAR, where I have met very interesting and knowledgeable people, a combination I will miss." Ana Raquel Riedel von Teschenhausen Read more

"My traineeship at UNITAR was personally and professionally a very positive and rewarding experience. I am grateful to have worked with many inspiring people from different academic and cultural backgrounds. I found all the staff at UNITAR helpful, kind and amazingly dedicated to what they are doing." Franz Thiel Read more

"My internship at UNITAR would have not been the same without all “KSI people” I have had the pleasure to work with along the past year: Alessia, Devina, Luminita, Patrick, James, Stan, Daniel, Naandye, Sue and Sueli. I have measured myself with different and challenging activities, covering areas from web communication to e-Learning." Serena Carta Read more

"My traineeship at KSI has been an extensive and fascinating learning curve in which I was given responsibility and felt a real recognition to the work that I accomplished. On top of this it has been extremely enjoyable working here, in an international environment with kind friendly people who are also extremely knowledgeable." Patrick Mainwaring Read more

"My traineeship at KSI really gave me some fascinating insights into employment avenues, I plan on pursuing in the future. In the realm of training, I was exposed to the potential of e-Learning and the potential of various innovative web 2.0 tools that can innovate instruction and assessment." James Wood Read more

"My traineeship at KSI has been an extremely rewarding experience. I have always enjoyed being in an international environment and KSI provided me with the opportunity of meeting great people from all around the world who rapidly became my very good friends." Stanislaw Piasecki Read more

"My experience within Knowledge Systems Innovation (KSI) unit of UNITAR was very rich: Provided me with the opportunity of understanding the ‘entrepreneurship paradigm’ while applying top notch methodologies and concepts in a working environment where creative thinking and innovation were the mind-set of the day." Luminita Stanescu Read more

"My internship period was indeed a learning experience in a learning unit of UNITAR. As a onetime participant of the comprehensive social media course offered by Knowledge Systems Innovation (KSI), I was opportune to act as a co-facilitator to the course." Naandye Dabugat Read more

"My programme at UNITAR has given me an opportunity to work in a stimulating environment of international, intelligent, creative thinkers, whose commitment and drive demonstrate how the concept of internship and traineeship, can generate meaningful work - making a difference." Susan Wilson Read more

"The internship provided me with a range of valuable skills and exposed me to the use of a variety of tools and software packages that are extremely useful in my field of work. I fully believe that my profile and competences have been boosted by this experience and that working together with a dynamic and collaborative team enhanced my outcomes and learning ability." Ilaria Lanzoni Read more

"I was very pleased when I was offered the traineeship position with KSI. This was very different from the kind of work I had been doing but I was happy to engage in a new challenge. I was happy to be out of my comfort zone and learn new skills whilst getting to know new software and programmes that will definitely help me further in my career." Bárbara Magalhães Read More

"After gaining experience in educating youth the traineeship at the KSI unit was a great opportunity for me to transfer my skills and knowledge into the field of Adult Education, as well as broaden my know-how in this field. During my traineeship I have been involved in a great variety of activities, which provided me with new learning opportunities every day." Emma Sajben Read More

"My main tasks were related to KSI e-learning initiatives by facilitating, monitoring and evaluating an online course on social media for development, contributing to a training design guidebook for e-learning, and contributing to the training terminology website. I was fascinated by the idea to work on a complex training project/activity from its beginning to its end, and this expectation was highly satisfied." Alessia Messuti Read More

"I have learned a lot in terms of project management, structure and delivery and also how it is to conduct a big project with different units involved. It was definitely a great contribution to the enhancement of my professional skills." Nathália Rasi Baptista Read More

"All the great expectations I had before coming to work for Unitar have been satisfied. The international environment, the highly specialized staff, a new challenge in a quite different area from that of my studies and the stimulating and creative work made my internship an unforgettable experience." Massimiliano Leone Read more

“My official work was to work with KSI in its e-learning initiatives by facilitating, evaluating and redesigning an online course, elaborating an e-learning design guidebook, and contributing to the Click4it training terminology website.” Adam Ashton Read more

"The tasks I have been involved with were to contribute to the development of  the click4it website; assist in the implementation of different courses and activities; and, support the implementation in French of an eLearning pilot course on the International Law for West Africa." Pierre-Alain Flückiger Read more

"At KSI, a supportive and collaborative environment was a real pleasure to work in. A dedicated supervisor who supports innovation and creativity, a great team of colleagues who became my friends and an interesting project I worked on made this internship a great experience!" Ivana Dutli Read more

“I leave this internship with acquired knowledge about current and innovative learning methodologies, with more information on Social Media, with experience in the design and layout of a report, with a better understanding of the Virtual Learning Environment…” Julia Kirchner  Read more

"I was involved in the implementation of the course Innovation Collaboration for Development, research on secreencasting tools, use of eXelearning tool and finally assisting in creating video lessons..." Arif Chowdhury Read more

"I worked for the KSI Unit and my responsibility was to assist in the preparation of the E-learning course in the Democratic Governance. The project was very interesting and the fact that I had the opportunity to participate in it made me even more enthusiastic." Besa Dervishi  Read more

"My tasks included contributing to the enrichment of Unitar’s Training Terminology Website, a glossary on Mediawiki which collects definitions, tools, information related to training and adult education." Arianna Lovera Read more

"My main task was to prepare 5 modules of an online training course and then migrate/adapt them to Moodle, which is a particular Virtual Learning Environment." Rebecca Ying Yuan Read more

"From the point of view of an Instructional Designer, the most important take-away from the traineeship was the opportunity to be involved with every stage of developing a fairly complex course- starting..." Vaishnavi Ravi Shankar Read more

"Working at Unitar was such a rewarding and enriching experience, not only in terms of academic knowledge but also valuable social exposure." Chantal Joly Read more