The most relevant aspect of the internship/traineeship is based on intensive research on pedagogies and methodologies for adult learning and on the analysis of the cycle of design and implementation of training programmes, including the categorization and harmonization of practices. The research component enshrines intensive study and analysis of literature and on-line resources with the objective of producing materials to assist in the design, development and implementation of training activities. Among other tasks, it may include working with the preparation of guidelines, job aids and templates to service other units within the organization.

Another substantial element of the internship/traineeship relates to research on advanced methods and learning pedagogies in relation to training, including in the field of collaborative learning. The intern/trainee may also be involved with the specific development of a particular course in the field of knowledge management. This may involve the customization and adaptation of learning materials for on-line delivery in areas related to knowledge sharing, for example.

As the internship/traineeship takes place in Geneva, an extremely lively environment in terms of International Organizations, the interns/trainees have the possibility to attend international events and meetings related to the topics that they deal with in their work. They also assist in the organization of special events related to the activities of the Unit and have the opportunity to liaise with other Programmes/Units within UNITAR.

Internships/Traineeships are normally for a minimum period of six months, on a full-time and unpaid basis, and take place at UNITAR headquarters in Geneva.

Internship Experiences