"I would like to express my satisfaction with the course. My expectations were exceeded. I've done over 10 similar courses, among them Ecopedagogy and Permaculture Design, all of them very nice. But at the Open Dojô I felt that the paradigm of the teacher who does not learn was changed, because most of the speakers were willing to learn from us. This is a sign of respect and maturity that normally we do not see on teachers. In addition, we were incited to believe in the "new economic and social model", to really recognize that there is actually a new model, that it is not an illusion, to have transformational initiatives, to be ourselves and believe in who we are. I feel privileged by the experience. " Cissa Atem

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was a moving experience! The diversity of skills of the guests and participants allowed the construction of a broader competence in the logic that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The balance between the tangible and intangible, between the real and possible, proved to be a tool for an essential transformation in the world." André Pegorer

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was a fantastic experience! No words to explain how it changed me and gave me esteem and encouragement to pursue my ideals and fight for a better world. Sometimes we think we're alone, but events like this make us think and revise our concepts, values and goals." Bruno Luiz Pelikan Teixeir

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was a unique experience in my life. This week I learned and understood many things that in all my life I had not noticed. I was impressed with the organization of the event and the dynamics and capacity of the speakers, who had so much to share. Open Dojô came not only into my professional side, but changed my way of thinking about life." Franciele Theiss

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was an experience, above all, transformative. During the week I attended an enriching journey that led me to make several reflections and questions about the relationships between people, values, principles, and about my life purpose. The "Black Belt" guests worked the content with excellence, giving immeasurable knowledge, fruit of years of practice. Now it's up to me to turn them into wisdom in the real life "Dojô". I recommend to all young people!" Lucas Ravedutti

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was an amazing experience! The cultural immersion with the approach of new themes, often unknown, and old themes, but with a new perspective, helped to boost the desire to leave a legacy. Legacy in order to give the next example, to participate and promote ideas and cultures that integrate economic, social and environmental aspects." Judas Tadeu Mendes Junior

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was an extremely aggrandizing experience! Having participated in an event in which the vast majority of participants in some way, have ideals converged to mine, was a hand full of encouragement and hope. Beyond all the wisdom that has been transferred to us by the "Black Belt" guests, which inevitably adds to our culture and elevates it." Iann Endo Lobo

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was a learning experience, but above all, self-discovery. The large amount of knowledge and information that we take in life need to be transformed into wisdom. Open Dojô made me realize that I have been for some time just accumulating knowledge, but until now I'm not "refining" it. I realize that I can really put my dreams and my values into practice. And it's good to know there are many people who think like me." Cristela Marta Siebert

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was an eye opener experience! At first I went with the idea of going to study a new "thing", but this expectation was beyond what I imagined. It was a personal learning, an opportunity to see and build my future in a different way. It was an "Open Mind", a light that only came to open my eyes more to the confirmation and certainty that I CAN and SHOULD do differently! The experience was well worthy! Thanks to you who gave us the opportunity to see and aspire the different, the new!" Fernanda Alves Santana

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was a unique experience. All the knowledge shared was interesting and will be taken throughout the journey, as a way of life. This program makes us rethink our priorities and find our true cause. The way it was presented to us was dynamic and all issues addressed were relevant. In addition, the good mood, harmony, high spirits and good fellowship with the whole group were striking presences that week." Rafaela Camparim Santos

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was a unique and special experience. It is exciting to find people engaged in change and transformation. Even better is to know that experienced and renowned professionals can contribute to this type of action with young people, sharing their experiences and knowledge. I see the program as a great stimulus to mobilize people toward a discussion and reflection about the present time in order to generate actions." Camila Rechia Ferreira

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was an experience of encounter and points in common, further strengthening the network inside and outside. Inclusion, different realities of life interacting in a single purpose, training. Future leaders with a different look and objective. Discovery of the new, out of the box. Friendships, common points going against. Belief and hope for the new with accomplishments. Motivation for a better tomorrow. Awakening another look, a new desired reality." Charlene Duarte de Souza

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was an unforgettable experience. Every dream is possible when we are in the right place with the right people and values aligned." Luiza Ravedutti

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was a fantastic experience! One of the best of my life. It exceeded my expectations and I would recommend to everyone, regardless of their activity, who wants to evolve as a human being." Bruno de Alcântara

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was a transforming experience! It was very satisfying to be here! I would like to thank all the staff for the dedication and commitment to provide this beautiful example of how it is possible rewarding and valuable to work towards a common good. I leave the Dojô more aware, more prepared, more engaged, questioning, inspired, curious, grateful, connected, focused, happy, integrated. This was a watershed experience in my personal and professional life, because I am going through great changes and had from the beginning that the Dojô would help me in this new direction. Thanks!" Patrícia Betti

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was an extraordinary experience! At few times in my life, I had a break so intense and deep in my paradigms, and this transformation will certainly contribute for me to develop my activities from now on with more truth, commitment and creativity. Contact with professionals and how the content was transferred inspired me and motivated me to look at the experiences of life with a more entrepreneurial and transformative eye. And, indeed, I acquired in the Open Dojô skills and competencies that enable me to it." Ariadne Bauer

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was a transformative experience provided by high-level professionals, sharing experiences and essential concepts for the development of future leaders. A real leap into the future, as the program suggests, in the realm of ideas and attitudes." Eduardo Cavalli

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was an amazing, unique, harmonious, inspiring, enjoyable, wonderful experience. Ultimately, I recommend it to all, as it makes us get in touch with amazing people that have the same ideal in life, which is a better, more humane, just and honest world. In fact, I believe that within the human writing, there is no way to express something so sublime like being able to be here and feel all this positive energy. The culture and ideals change people, and people change the world. Peace and light to all the Open Dojô staff." William Schineider Rabelo

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was an interesting experience in my life as a student and future young professional. I believe that everything that was said contributes markedly to my professional, personal and spiritual side. I want to congratulate the initiative!" Ester Farias de Souza

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was an innovative, consistent, enriching and transforming experience. It has strengthened the thought that my actions may indeed be toward personal fulfillment, and this does not exclude the financial fulfillment. They can go side by side towards a better global society. I made friends here for the rest of my life and I will return to my daily life, restart my job, my relationships, with more experience and wisdom." Carlos Alberto Devecchi

"The 1st meeting of the Open Dojô Program was an experience, from the first moment, more than grateful. I think the primary point to the success of the program has been the quality of people involved in the three spheres: the speakers, who with extreme precision and gentleness were able to share experiences and knowledge with excellence, involving all those present; the organization, that did not leave anything missing in structure, and were always willing to help with joy and openness, increasing productivity; and the enrollees, who lived intensely the experience participating with their experiences, fellowship and inspiration." Bernardo Piquet


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