"I’m sure that I’m not the same anymore. This program was a great lesson, very innovative and a great success. I started with a mediocre expectation of getting another certificate to add to my curriculum, and now this is the least important. I’m proud to be part of the first of many editions of the Open Dojô Program." Ester Farias de Souza

"At Open Dojô not only I learned with great executives and important people, but I also learned with myself and the other participants. Different visions and opinions that made me grow, not only as an entrepreneur, but mainly as a person. It was a unique and incredible experience." Jefferson Guimaraes Yared

"I’ll keep this for the rest of my life. It allowed me to get a broad perspective and an approach about distinct points of views, issues from relationships to environment. However a program like this wouldn’t be so great if it wasn’t for the love that everybody shares and the feeling of being welcome in there. People really make a difference and that was clear to me in the program." Rafaela Camparim Santos

"I’m speechless, about everything we lived here. I cannot express with words. To understand the Dojô you have to feel what I feel right now." William Schineider Rabelo

"I define the Open Dojô Program as a deep, intrinsic, inspiring and motivating experience. I believe that it was not by chance that I was here. I had imagined one thing and I’m leaving with something else beyond imagination, many experiences and knowledge was acquired here." Fernanda Alves Santana

"The program was necessary for the refining of my being. A compilation of various feelings and fundamental experiences for the development of the noblest human characteristics. Indispensable to my evolution process. Small effort generating huge benefits." Diego Flaresso de Oliveira

"Much more than developing competences, this program rescues the essence of people… The Open Dojô Program was a revealing experience." Juliana de Oliveira Santos

"It changed my life. In a first moment there was a big awakening to a calling, a life purpose. Soon after a confirmation that this is the path to be walked. The importance of self-reflection, knowing how to look at others and give value to our relations. I learned that everything is constantly going through changes. It was never this clear that a small committed group of people can change the world! It is clear to me that this is not the end. It is just the start of our business, new friends and mostly the beginning of change!" Andre Arasaki

"At Dojô I could get to know me better, my virtuousness and imperfections, and I could meet awesome people.  I felt hugged by the love of my colleagues and free to rethink and defy my own concepts. I know I still have a long journey to go through but for me it will be a great pleasure and honor to remember that I’ve been here." Bárbara Garcia

"What we see and learn in this program is priceless and can’t be found anywhere. I will take this for the rest of my life and I hope I can carry out something that really changes the world to something better, an initiative like this makes us believe that it is possible." Franciele Theiss

"Many experiences. It is a mosaic built with the most distinct pieces. This program taught me how to fall and how to stand up. It surprised me with the vitality of such an organic event in its construction. In a few words it is an experience for life and to life." Carlos Alberto Devecchi

"The Open Dojô Program was an experience that added a lot of value to me. The Dojô pointed alternatives and more than that, showed me ways to destroy paradigms and limited beliefs not only in my professional life but also in my personal as I could develop human and social competences so needed now that the society turn its attentions to local and global socio environmental issues. I recommend the Open Dojô program to every young person that search more than ready answers to their professional career, I recommend to the ones that seek to obtain competences to make the world a better place." Maurício Donavan Rodrigues Paniza

"This experience taught me to believe in things that I was starting to forget.  Values that are vital to live with others and ourselves. This experience will motivate me for all my life helping me to overcome obstacles and leave the world my legacy." Felipe Lean Mariani Borba

"I can say it was the best course I’ve ever had. I didn’t learn only technical abilities, but human and relevant abilities. It was an unexplainable experience, a privilege and a great surprise that involved me totally." Dayana Ribeiro Pinto

"Unforgettable, different and distinct people, but at the same time similar in the ideological alignment about the future, hopes… Future is in our hands, here and now!! Incredibly chaotic, organized, paradoxical, a temple of learning, wisdom, knowledge and energy, and what an energy!! But only words do not demonstrate… Practice, real life!! Dojô." Rodrigo Andrade Chagas

"Unique!!! If the goal of the Dojô was to make us “black belt” this aim was reached much beyond expectations. Congratulations to all that made part of this wonderful history!" Daniel Isfer Zardo

"I had never participated in anything like that. Participating in this program was to me the lever of success. As it was already said, one can’t explain what it is, you have to make it and feel it." Paulo Henrique Brito da Cruz Cordeiro

"The Open Dojô Program was a very productive experience to my personal and professional formation. I was challenged to have a more critical view towards the life I take, making me think not only about myself. I really liked it. I finish here, because what I have to say wouldn’t fit in here." Ronam de Oliveira Castro

"A life experience to develop values that were once forgotten by me, due to this competitive world we live in. But today I confess that I´m very proud of how I'm changing. I believe that I have all the tools to build a better world." Vinicius Maia Wiecheteck

"Something that definitely had a positive an impact on me and all the other participants. It is a complete program that aims to develop all the necessary competences to the formation of leaders, people, friends, etc… Because of this experience I feel much more motivated and I believe that is possible to be different and contribute to better things. To me it is as if I planted many good seeds that will be harvested in the future."                                                                                       Gustavo Augusto Franco da Silva


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