University Fernando PessoaUNITAR has initiated a process to assess some of its training courses in order to identify modalities to obtain credit recognition or validation within the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).  In this sense, the Institute has signed a framework agreement with the University Fernando Pessoa  (UFP) through which the two institutions will collaborate to improve the quality of and add value to the training activities in the subject areas which are of common interest. In particular, this collaboration entails an opportunity to attribute recognition and validation by UFP of the training courses delivered by UNITAR, with the purpose of attributing ECTS for the continuation of second and third cycle studies at UFP.

This summer, to kick off the process, UFP and UNITAR decided to start analyzing some courses in the fields of diplomacy, environmental law, local development, and public finance and trade so as to obtain accurate data related to the amount of learning hours in each of them. This information is fundamental to establish an adequate association with the ECTS. A selected group of alumni was invited to contribute to the process by responding to an online survey, designed to investigate the amount of time dedicated to the learning process.

Survey data analysis will help to make accurate estimate of learning hours required in each course, facilitating either ECTS recognition or validation by UFP. This will provide UNITAR’s participants in selected courses with a possibility to either pursue related studies within UFP or postulate similar validation within another European university.