CIFAL Common Ground

"Building Capacities for Sustainable Local Development"

As we witness the evergrowing socio-economic disparities between the rich and the poor, the ongoing depletion of our planet’s resources and the consequent threats to the quality of human life, we acknowledge that local governments have new responsibilities in facing up to global challenges.

In this context, we, the members of the CIFAL Network and our partners, through networking and multilateral cooperation, recognise the need to unite by joining vision and efforts, exchange knowledge, and share resources for locally implementing the following framework United Nations agreements:


Common Vision and Shared Values

The CIFAL Network acquires the status of a training system of excellence for capacity building of local authorities on sustainable development and other global goals of the United Nations and international and multilateral organisations.

Working together to realise our common vision, we share the following values;

  • Decentralized cooperation
  • Equitable access to basic services
  • Knowledge sharing & transfer
  • Good local governance
  • Sustainable urbanisation and eco-efficiency
  • Respect for social, cultural, and biological diversity

Mission Statement

The CIFAL Network is;

  • A Network of international training centres focused on capacity development of local actors for achieving sustainable urbanisation in the context of increased responsibilities of local authorities.
  • A hub for knowledge sharing and exchange of good practices and experiences between and amongst local authorities, national governments, international and multilateral organizations, the private sector, and civil society.