CIFAL Curitiba

Tel: +55-(41)-3271-7409
Address: Av. Comendador Franco, n°1341,
            Room 156 - Jardim Botanico
              CEP 80215-090 Curitiba - Parana - BRAZIL

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Based in Latin America’s greenest city, CIFAL Curitiba’s main objective is to develop capacities of the local stakeholders in the areas of urban transport, green cities, municipal finance and infrastructure project management. The CIFAL’s programmes aim to increase technical cooperation for, and between representatives from public, private and civil society sectors.

Each year, the Centre also conducts high-quality and professional capacity-building programmes, facilitating decentralized cooperation projects for greener urban development in South America.

Scope: Latin America

Programmatic Axes:

  • Municipal Financing Strategies and Basic Services Management
  • Local Development Planning and Strategic Project Development
  • BioDiversity and Eco-System Management


  • Financing of Infrastructure and Basic Services
  • BioDiverCITY
  • Planning and Managing Sustainable Urban Transport Systems
  • Planning for Local Development


 CIFAL Curitiba Director

Jose Antonio FARES