Strengthening Local Governance

UNITAR’s Learning Platform on Human Mobility

In 2012, UNITAR and the Government of Flanders partnered to develop the first global platform dedicated to training local and regional authorities on migration and human mobility through a blended learning approach. The Learning Platform on Human Mobility is dedicated to providing capacity development on all aspects of mobility, designed specifically for local and regional authorities.

During 2013, the LPHM has strengthened its partnerships with other International Organizations that have already committed to sharing their wealth of knowledge within the LPHM. Its main partners are: IOM and EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI), but other important players within and outside of the UN system include UNDP; the ACP Observatory on Migration; UNICEF; UNU Barcelona; the European Commission; the University of Antwerp (CeMIS); the City University of New York (CUNY); Erasmus University Rotterdam; the South African Migration Project (SAMP); the University of Sussex (“Migrating out of Poverty” Consortium); Payoke; Storytegic(media consulting firm); OSCE; UNODC; and the Cities of Atlanta, Curitiba, Jeju, Findhorn, New York, Ouagadougou, Plock and Shanghai.

In drawing from the expertise of community leaders, academics, civil society representatives, policy makers and international organization experts, the Learning Platform borrows from methodologies employed by UNITAR’s Decentralized Cooperation Programme, which has been working with local authorities building sustainable urban growth since 2002. One such methodology, known as “CityShare” relies on the one hand, on effective exchange by capitalizing on areas of complementarity amongst participants and buttressed by professional facilitation, and on the other, on active operational (institutional) support and follow-up in the context of twinning projects.

A first Expert Meeting to validate the orientation of the Platform and its course curriculum (2012-2015) took place in Antwerp on 9-10 July 2012. (The outcome document of the Expert Meeting, PDF, 118.5 KB)

The Learning Platform covers:

  • Social cohesion & adapting to change
  • Fostering economic development & entrepreneurship
  • Education & youth development
  • Urbanisation & the environment
  • Access to public services inluding health
  • Human security 

In 2013 the LPHM delivered the following learning events: 

The Learning Platform on Human Mobility also unfolded at a time when the City of Antwerp inaugurated the historically significant Red Star Line Museum on 28 September 2013.