Technical Assistance and City-to-City Collaboration (C2C)

LDP in partnership with local governments, private sector and various organizations, provides tailor-made capacity development programmes to transfer soft technology and practices (knowledge and skills) between cities and appropriate technology providers. These projects can involve multi-year trainings and activities to effectively transfer innovations in eco-tanks for decentralized
sewerage treatment or bio-gas among other green technologies and practices for strengthening sustainable local development.

With the CityShare methodology, LDP organizes best-practice sharing workshops on critical development issues with the aim of fostering knowledge sharing, networking and city-to-city cooperation. By bringing together elected officials and professionals from various cities and regions, the seminars constitute excellent opportunities for cities to learn from each other and to identify opportunities for collaboration that reach way beyond the capacity building inputs.

In this context, a three-year technical assistance project was developed as an outcome of a workshop organized by CIFAL Kuala Lumpur and the use of UNITAR's CityShare methodology. The project focused on providing sanitation services to the poor and was launched by UNITAR and The Regional Network of Local Authorities for the Management of Human Settlements (CITYNET), with support from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. The project aims to transfer the innovative technology of Eco Tank - a small-scale sewerage treatment system - from Bangkok (Thailand) to Negombo (Sri Lanka) and Palembang (Indonesia). The project has been acknowledged by the mayors of both beneficiary cities (Negombo and Palemberg) as a big step towards reaching their goals of reducing water pollution from domestic sources and raising public awareness on sanitation issues.