In partnership with King’s College London, UNITAR Peacekeeping Training Programme (PTP) held a four day (February 11-14, 2010) training course in Nairobi, Kenya, on Leadership, Team Work, and Team Management in Peace Operations.

The course aims to equip those involved in peace operations with the skills required for successful leadership, team work and team management.

At the end of the course, the participants were able to determine the features of effective leadership, recognize and employ the principles for effective team management, identify team dynamics and processes, practice the traits of good team work, apply problem diagnosing and problem solving skills, and apply the principles for team motivation, team development and team organization

As UN missions become more complex and diverse, strong leadership and effective management have become essential traits in peace operations. The unique working environment of tense conflict and post-conflict zones requires a distinct set of skills and knowledge for successful team management. The structure of peace operations often involves the cooperation of many individuals working towards a common mission mandate where the importance of teamwork and healthy group dynamics are essential for achieving an efficient and productive, collaborative effort.

This course is fully funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

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