Workshop organized by UNITAR through the CIFAL Curitiba (French acronym for International Training Centres for Local Authorities and Local Actors)

Montevideo, Uruguay . November 11-14th 2008
In November, CIFAL Curitiba, in partnership with the Municipality of Curitiba, the Municipality of Montevideo and UN-HABITAT, organized a training workshop on Local Governments and the Millennium Development Goals. During this 3 days seminar, 67 participants representing 28 cities from South and Central America shared their best practices and knowledge on MDGs policies and got the opportunity to visit field projects in the Montevideo suburbs.
The participants pointed out how the MDGs provide a useful tool for local authorities and civil society to address and consolidate efforts for development and strengthen their impact. They underlined the necessity to develop efficient and permanent public MDGs policies in close relationship with their citizens and developed their own action plans for the next three years.