Customized training enables our beneficiaries to choose from a wide range of workshop themes, propose innovative combinations of themes or request the design and organisation of a course or workshop that is not listed.

* available as face-to-face workshop or e-learning course

** so far only available as e-learning course


United Nations System

A workshop to enhance your performance as a conference delegate.

A workshop where you learn how to organize social events according to UN Protocol.

A workshop that gives you an overview of the UN, its principal organs and their functioning.

A workshop that will help you to understand the procedural aspects of UN meetings and their implications.

A workshop that will enable you to write UN Resolutions and understand their specific structure.

A workshop where you will learn how to analyze and write conference outcome documents.


Skills Development


A workshop that will teach you how to work with a chairperson and how to chair a conference yourself.

A workshop that will improve your presentation skills and where you will learn how to captivate and convince an audience.

A workshop to develop your mediation skills for international diplomacy.

A workshop that will help you deal efficiently with tensions, differences and conflicts in multilateral negotiations.

A workshop where you will learn how to give and receive feedback constructively.

A workshop that will enable you to facilitate meetings of different sizes and audiences.

A workshop that will show you how to motivate and inspire others and facilitate positive teamwork.

A customized set of trainings to teach instructors how to transfer their knowledge through appropriate methodological tools.

A wide range of services for diplomatic academies and foreign ministries who whish to establish sustainable and structured capacity building programmes.


Environment Diplomacy

A workshop to improve your understanding of the international climate change policy framework.

An e-learning course that will enable you to internalize environmental sustainability concerns into multilateral diplomacy.


Human Rights Diplomacy


A face-to-face orientation programme to familiarize you with the UN concept of Human Rights.

An e-learning course that will show you how Human Rights can be better protected.