Monitoring and Evaluation Section

The Monitoring and Evaluation Section (M & E) provides substantive, analytical and advisory support to the Institute so that it can deliver effectively on its overarching strategy of managing for results. In this regard, the section designs and develops policies, strategies and approaches in view of strengthening resource efficiency, effectiveness  and accountability, as well as providing increased opportunities for organizational learning.

The Institute established the section in 2009 in response to calls to engage in more rigorous results-based management practices, including strengthening the monitoring and evaluation of its targeted training and capacity development interventions worldwide. The section also responds to the need to “consider harmonizing the format and content of its evaluation tools in order to enhance the evaluation of its training activities and streamline the reporting process" as outlined in the United Nations Board of Auditors Report (A/61/5/Add.4).

The  2010-2012 Strategic Plan, which places priority on further strengthening the Institute’s managing-for-results capacities and the need for designing more robust monitoring and evaluation policies, provides general guidance for the section’s work planning, activities and outputs.