Women Peace and Security: From Resolution to Action, Security Council Resolution 1325/2000

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PTP / Peacekeeping Training Programme

“Enhancing the protection of women in armed conflict is at the core of the work of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace and security and is integral to the future success of all peacekeeping operations.   On September 15 and 16, 2010,the EU Joint Team in Geneva and the Mission of Belgium organized a High-level Consultation on “Women, Peace and Security: From Resolution to Action” at the Palais de Nations in Geneva.  On this occasion, the 10th anniversary of Resolution 1325 provided a unique opportunity to reaffirm the special importance of protecting women during conflicts and to discuss at different levels lessons learned from the implementation of Resolution 1325 and shortcomings that still hinder its full execution.


To further strengthen the protection of women in conflict situations, UNITAR PTP developed an elite five week e-learning course on “Protection of Civilians in Peace Operations - Protection from Sexual Violence, Exploitation and Abuses” which provides the background and training needed by peacekeepers to ensure the future success of directives such as Resolution 1325.  This course teaches these practical and necessary skills in a cogent, active, and interactive way that hones the critical thinking skills of the student while purveying real life experiences from the field.To learn more about this and other courses offered by UNITAR, http://www.unitar.org/event/elearning (hyperlink). “