On 12 July 2010 UNITAR signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) located in Gujarat, India.

UNITAR’s partnerships strategy aims at developing agreements with Academic institutions such as Universities and Research Centres around the world.

The Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) is one of the premier national law universities of India and offers degree and diploma programmes in law and related fields at undergraduate and postgraduate level. In addition to teaching, it provides research, advisory, training services at state and national level to government departments, industry, judiciary, other academic and research institutions.

The purpose of the Memorandum is to provide a framework for cooperation where UNITAR and GNLU can enter into collaborative relationships in which they can optimize their respective strengths to jointly develop and deploy modern learning and training environments and methodologies. By pooling resources and expertise and by developing curriculum and learning material in areas of common Welcome_Gujaratinterest, such as the promotion of international law, they will work towards the integration of related activities and towards the planning and implementation of joint training courses in areas of common interest.

In the framework of this collaboration, students from Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) will be able to undertake internships at UNITAR.

In this regard, UNITAR’s International Law Programme (ILP) is pleased to welcome the first collaborator from the Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) who will work at the Institute for 6 months.