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Workshop on the structure, drafting and adoption of United Nations Resolutions 

1 October 2014



While the Charter of the United Nations has often been regarded as the constitution of the Organization, resolutions adopted by its principal organs may be considered its laws. Hence, the need for accuracy, respect of the correct terminology and search for the proper expression is given. Over the years, the United Nations resolutions have acquired a distinctive style. Furthermore, the rules relating to the adoption of resolutions have been supplemented by a number of practices. This workshop aims at providing thorough training on all these topics.  


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

· Describe the structure and form of United Nations resolutions and decisions;
· Identify draft resolutions rules and proceadures;
· Identify the rules and practices relating to the adoption of resolutions.

This workshop will take place in Conference Room C on Wednesday 1 October 2014 from 10:00-17:00.  


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 E-Learning course on Defence Sector Reform (DSR)

20 June - 30 September 2014
The objectives of the Defence Sector Reform E-learning course include:

• Raise participants’ awareness to context and challenges for operationalizing DSR in post conflict environments.
• Enhanced understanding of Defence Sector Reform in UN peacekeeping
• Enhanced knowledge leading to strengthen DSR mandate as part of the Security Sector Reform in UN peacekeeping
• Understand the various Security Council resolutions of SSR and DSR, and they promote peace and security

This E-Learning course is available now after having registered online 


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In Focus

16 September, 2014, New York, USA - On 16 September, the UNITAR New York Office, in association with the Olof Palme Memorial Foundation and UNDP, concluded its ‘Negotiations’ series with a special workshop on Reconciliation, Negotiations and Conflict Prevention. The workshop highlighted the methods and challenges associated with the development of reconciliation strategies in post-conflict situations. It also stressed the importance of reconciliation as a tool for sustainable development and long-term security. Read More

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On 26 June, in UNDP Hank Shannon room, UNITAR NYO convened a unique seminar on addressing multilateral peace and security issues through a lens of inclusiveness.  In view of current critical challenges, the discussion specifically focused on strategies and realities for an inclusive Iraq. This seminar served several purposes:  to learn more about current and compelling challenges in regional and multilateral security; to discuss the notion of inclusiveness as policy goal; and, to discern the possibilities for starting an interdisciplinary research link with academia.  

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UNITAR NYO and WTO hold three day training course focusing on the future of multilateral trade, in the wake of the collapse of the Bali Agreement.  Despite the Bali setback, diplomats from Permanent Missions to the United Nations attended the three day seminar to discuss the relevance of and the advances made by the international trading system. Over these three days, experts from WTO, WIPO, UNCTAD, UNDP, UN-DESA, ILO and the academic sector engaged extensively with participants on various issues within international trade. 

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On August 7, UNITAR New York office developed and organized a specialized one-day training programme for diplomats at the Permanent Mission of Malaysia to the United Nations on the Security Council, Protection of Civilians and the Responsibility to Protect. While the prime purpose of this training was to prepare the Malaysian diplomats for their upcoming membership at the Security Council, UNITAR also organized for expert speakers to discuss protection of civilians (PoC) and responsibility to protect (R2P) as topics of relevance for the agenda of the Council. 

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On 2-3 June 2014 at the Cornell Club in NY, senior diplomats convened to discuss and to learn about Preventing Intrastate Conflict, and promote a vision of respect and inclusiveness. Read More

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