UNITAR Negotiation Series "Towards a level playing field"


The UNITAR / Olof Palme Memorial Fund Negotiation Series “Towards a level playing field” is generously funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden and serves to provide government officials, in particular those from developing and least developed countries, with the skills and analytical tools necessary to negotiate effectively in the international arena.

Negotiation is the most vital tool for a diplomat. In a multilateral context, effective negotiation skills and understanding of the negotiation context are critical for managing interdependencies, leveraging power and influencing outcomes. Mastering negotiation tools can therefore assist in securing internationally valuable agreements. This has become all the more important as the issues at stake in international negotiations have become increasingly complex, climate change being only one example. These global challenges require concerted multilateral action, which further underscores the need for strategically negotiated agreements.
The Series responds to the training needs of the diplomatic community in New York by combining introductory and advanced level courses. The introductory level allows delegates to acquaint themselves with the skills and analytical understanding of negotiation approaches and multilateral diplomacy. The advanced level responds to the demand for skills and analytical tools in a specific area of immediate relevance for delegates, be it a thematic area such as environmental sustainability, climate change or peace and security, or more specific tool-sets required for negotiations (chairing and facilitating negotiations; particular challenges women face in internal and multilateral negotiations).
For both levels, participants receive from top negotiation experts on effective negotiation skills in multilateral conferences. They also learn firsthand from experienced diplomats and international civil servants who have successfully negotiated agreements in different specialized spheres. Each workshop combines a mix of methodologies, including presentations, panels, interactive discussions, case-studies and simulation and mentoring exercises. Among the guest speakers, the workshop features experts from permanent missions and the United Nations system who will share their experience in negotiations and leadership. Each workshop takes a participatory and practice-oriented approach, integrating practical exercises and peer-to-peer learning. 
Initiated in 2007 and further developed throughout the years, the Negotiation Series has now arrived at its fifth implementing cycle. The new specialized courses for 2011 focus on women in diplomacy, climate change and the rule of law. The Negotiation Series is financially supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden.

List of workshops in 2011

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2010 Workshops:

  • Effective Negotiation in Multilateral Conferences (26-28 May 2010 and 4-5 November 2010)
  • Atelier en langue française sur la négociation efficace dans les conférences multilaterals (7-8 septembre 2010)
  • Women in Diplomacy (7-8 June 2010)
  • Environmental Negotiations and Climate Change Diplomacy (26-27 August 2010)
  • Negotiating International Peace and Security (21-22 October 2010)

2009 Workshops:

Introductory workshops:

Effective Negotiations in Multilateral Conferences

Advanced workshops

2008 Workshops

Effective Negotiation in Multilateral Conferences, October 2008

2007 Workshops

Effective Negotiation in Multilateral Conferences, March 2007

Programme and list of documentation of the 2007 workshop on Effective Negotiation in Multilateral Conferences