Migration Profiles: Developing Evidence-based Migration and Development Policies

Date: 30 June 2011
Venue: Conference room A (NLB), United Nations Headquarters, New York


Since the first meeting of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in 2007, institutional and policy coherence has been identified by Member States as a key priority to address the causal relationship between migration and development. Further, harmonized data and standardized research methodologies have been long recognized as fundamental starting points for the design and implementation of evidence-based migration development policies.

In this context, Migration Profiles (MPs) have been acknowledged, most recently during the 2010 GFMD in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, as an efficient tool for comprehensive approach to data collection and more coherent migration and development policies. Supported by the European Union in 2005 and implemented principally by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), MPs are conceptualized as a “government-owned tool” aimed at gathering basic statistical information (migration stocks and flows etc.) in a concise manner. They also provide statistical analysis and multiple perspectives such as, among others, labour market conditions, human development indicators and migrants’ access to rights. Since their inception, MPs have been developed in more than 70 countries drawing the attention of governments and migration practitioners.

This workshop, carried out within the framework of The Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) 2011, chaired by the Swiss Government and co-chaired by the Governments of Argentina, Ghana and the Republic of Moldova, will examine the capacity development contribution of MPs to institutional and policy coherence, assess its relevance and provide an informal space to further develop its framework.  


Additional information:

Information Note and Agenda

Introductory session:

Ms. Michele Klein Solomon, International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Ms. Yvonne Lodico, United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)


Mr. Richard Morgan, Global Migration Group

Ms. Daniela Morari, Government of Moldova

Mr. Hernán Manzelli, Government of Argentina

Mr. Godwin Odei Gyebi, Government of Ghana

Ms. Roberta Chaves Oliveira, Government of Brazil (Language: Portuguese)

Ms. Celeste M. Valderrama, Government of the Philippines

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Government of Vietnam

Background material:

GFMD 2010. Report to Plenary Session: Roundtable 1

GFMD 2010. Report to Plenary Session: Roundtable 2

GFMD 2010. Report to Plenary Session: Roundtable 3

GFMD 2011. Swiss Concept Paper

PGA Informal Thematic Debate Summary

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Working language: English

Contact: Mr. Pierpaolo Capalbo