Date: 14-16 June 2011
Venue: Conference Room E (NLB), United Nations Headquarters, New York


Efforts to ensure that migration across international borders takes place in a humane and orderly manner can draw on many conventions at the international and regional levels that apply to those involved in the migration process. However, these instruments are spread across various branches of law (human rights, humanitarian law, migrant workers law, refugee law, law of the sea), and there is no central source where overall information is easily accessible. Also, little attempt is made to understand the inter-linkages between these instruments. This dispersion of norms and principles contributes to the widespread belief that there are gaps in the protection of migrants and/or regulation of migration at the international level.

This annual course is designed to enhance delegates’ knowledge and understanding of the body of law that can be referred to as “international migration law”, which delineates the rights and responsibilities of States as they pertain to international migration and the protection of the human rights of migrants.

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Session I: Introduction to International Migration Law

Mr. Daniel Redondo, IOM, Defining Actors and Issues

Mr. Daniel Redondo, IOM,The Importance of Migration Terminology

Session II: Protection in International Law

Mr. Daniel Redondo, IOM, Overview of International Migration Law

Authority and Responsibilities of States: Operating within the Rule of Law

Ms. Kristina Touzenis, IOM, Human Rights of Migrants

Ms. Kristina Touzenis, IOM, Rights of Migrant Detainees

Session III: Irregular Migration

Ms. Kristina Touzenis, IOM, Irregular Migration, Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants- the International Legal Frameworks

Session IV: Law of the Sea

Ms. Vita Onwuasoanya, DOALOS/OLA, Authorities and Responsibilities of Stakeholders, Rescue at Sea, Stowaways

Session V: Vulnerable Groups

Mr. Pablo Ceriani, University of Lanús, Human Rights of Migrant Children

Session VI: Forced Migration

Ms. Ann-Christine Eriksson, UNHCR, International Refugee Law

Mr. Robert Young, ICRC, Protection of Civilians in Situation of Armed Conflict

Ms. Kristina Touzenis, IOM, The Guiding Principles of Internal Displacement

Mr. Daniel Redondo, IOM, Protection of Stranded Migrants




Working language: English

Contact: Mr. Pierpaolo Capalbo