Coordinator: Sarah Rosengärtner

Series Summary Report

International migration, or human mobility, is an issue that is gaining greater international attention. The UNITAR/UNFPA/IOM “Key Migration Issues” Workshop Series will stimulate critical thinking about migration and its various considerations and inter-linkages. This discussion will contribute to increasing New York-based delegates’ knowledge of international migration prior to key events in 2006, including the High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development scheduled for 14-15 September 2006. The series is all the more timely due to the many recommendations presented by the Global Commission on International Migration on 5 October 2005 when it presented to the Secretary-General its Final Report entitled “Migration in an Interconnected World: New Directions for Action”.

This series is organized by: UNITAR—as the lead training agency for UN government delegates ; UNFPA—as the leading UN entity responsible for population issues, as well as the main agent for increasing awareness of population and development issues; and IOM—as the principal organization addressing international migration and related aspects. In light of future policy discussions and with the presence of top migration experts, delegates will be able to strengthen their understanding of the evolution of migration policy, the many challenges and opportunities offered by migration, and its inter-linkages with other policy areas including those ties to the ICPD, MDGs, etc.

Workshops and briefings

1. International Trafficking in Human Beings, organized with UNU and UNODC (18 October 2005)
2. Labour Migration, organized with ILO (15 March 2006)
3. Contributions of Diasporas, (11 May 2006)
4. HIV, AIDS and Migration, organized with WHO (26 May 2006)
5. Regional Consultative Processes (20 June 2006)
6. Migration and Human Rights, organized with the UN Office of Legal Affairs (27 June 2006)
7. Irregular Migration, organized with UNHCR (30 August 2006)

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