Date: 28 November 2011
Venue: Conference room 6, UN Headquarters


The IOM 2010 World Migration Report defines “mainstreaming migration into development planning” as the “process for integrating migration issues in a balanced manner into the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes in any sphere related to development and poverty reduction.”  
While the concept of mainstreaming migration into development planning has increasingly been recognized as an efficient policy and institutional approach to maximizing the benefits of migration and reducing its negative impacts, the gap between this theoretical concept and the action undertaken at the national and local regional levels remains considerable.  In fact, despite sporadic cases, migration is rarely considered a relevant factor in national development strategies.
To respond to this challenge, the Global Migration Group (GMG) recently published the “Mainstreaming migration into development planning: A handbook for policy-makers and practitioners.”  The handbook aims at reducing this gap by providing a set of guidelines and best practices on how to hinge migration in the design and implementation of national development and poverty reduction strategies.
This seminar will analyse organisational, coordination and consultation mechanisms needed to implement the mainstreaming migration process. It will present measures proved to be effective in fostering inter-ministerial coordination, gaining political support, committing relevant stakeholders and guaranteeing its proper assessment and sustainability.  Finally, it will provide an opportunity to explore perspectives and cross cutting issues to be included and further developed in the mainstreaming migration exercise.
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Barbara Affolter

John Lonnback

Sarah Rosengaertner



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H.E. Mr. Sorreta, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Philippines to the UN

Ms. Toni-Shae Freckleton, Planning Institute of Jamaica 

Ms. Sarah Rosengaertner, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Background material
GFMD Switzerland 2011; Cluster III Summary Report "Tools for evidence-based migration and development policies"
GFMD Mexico 2010; Report of Roundtable 3 "Policy and institutional coherence to address the relationship between migration and development"
GFMD Mexico 2010; Background paper, Roundtable 3 "How can Regional Consultative Processes (RCPs) and Inter-Regional Fora (IRF) best include the migration and development nexus"
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