Date: 18 May 2010

Venue: Conference Room E (NLB)

It is increasingly recognized today that the integration of migrants requires a process of mutual adaptation between migrant communities and the societies in which they live and participate. Beyond government action facilitating the integration of migrants through adequate legal protections and the extension of public services, all sectors of society face the task of building communities that acknowledge and enable migrants’ positive contributions. However, responses may vary and need to be tailored to different migration contexts such as permanent versus temporary and work versus family-related migration.

This half day seminar was organized as a preparatory event for the 3rd Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilization, to be held in Rio de Janeiro on 27 -28 May 2010 and aimed at preparing the delegates for discussing one of the priority areas of the Alliance, namely migration and integration.


Maurice Crul: The Second Generation Europe: Three Statements on Integration

Ratna Omidvar: Cities of Migration: A march of good ideas

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Working language: English

Contact: Valeska Hesse