Date: 3 May 2007


Migrants’ important contributions to the countries and communities in which they live tend to be understated and often overshadowed by concerns over security and preserving a cohesive sense of national identity.

This seminar will focus on migrants' participation in host countries. It will look at the institutions and organizations that facilitate the political, socio-economic, cultural and religious engagement of migrants, especially of migrant youth and women in communities and the society at large.

In view of the recent report and recommendations of the Alliance of Civilizations’ High Level Group pertaining to migration, this seminar will discuss next steps towards implementation. It will examine the establishment of institutional structures for a regular and ongoing dialogue among government officials, migrant communities and other civil society actors in host countries, and also look at the outreach activities of countries of origin.

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Migrant Integration from an International Perspective
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Settlement, Labour Market and Business Integration
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Alliance of Civilizations: Research Paper on Migration
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Migration and Religion in a Globalized World
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Rights, Identity and Claims-Making
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Immigration and citizenship
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The 2006 Migrant Integration Policy Index (power point presentation)

Foreign Credential Recognition
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