Dates: 12-13, September, 2013

Venue: CB 2, 6, Trusteeship Chamber


The main objectives of this orientation course are the following:

  1. Familiarize the participants with the role and functions of the United Nations and its principal organs;
  2. Help them to improve their understanding of the negotiating processes and techniques within the United Nations context;
  3. Help them to gain a better understanding of the functions of a permanent mission and the role of a diplomat in a multilateral setting;
  4. Help them to increase their awareness of the role and some of the services performed by the Secretariat.

The orientation course consists of seven meetings. It is an intensive programme requiring the active involvement of all the participants. Each meeting will include a period for discussion and questions on point of specific interest to the participants. The course will conclude with a simulation exercise on the negotiation and drafting of a resolution.

The course is intended for members of permanent missions who have not served in New York before and have not been assigned to their mission for more than a few months.

Resource persons
The course will be conducted by Mr. Jean Gazarian, UNITAR Senior Fellow. Presentations will be made by officials of the Secretariat and experienced diplomats.

Working languages
Interpretation will be provided, to the extent possible, in the official languages of the United Nations.

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