Recent Courses

Olof Palme Negotiation Series

  • Negotiations and Conflict Resolution (05/2014)
  • Multilateral Negotiations Training: Orientation on Population and Development (02/2014)
  • Women Negotiation Peace: The Role of Women in Negotiating Sustainable Peace (03/2014)
  • High-Level Skills Building Training for New PRs, DPRs, and Charges (05/2013)
  • Effective Negotiations in Post-Conflict-Scenarioes and Rule of Law (05/2013)
  • Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (05/2013)
  • Skills-Building Workshop:  Effective Negotiation in Multialteral Conferences (03/2013)
  • Women Negotiating Peace: Skills-Building Workshop (09/2012)
  • Workshop on Effective Negotiation in Multilateral Conferences (11/2011)
  • Workshop on Negotiating International Peace and Security (10/2011)
  • Workshop on Effective Negotiation in Multilateral Conferences (09/2011)
  • Workshop on Environmental Negotiations and Climate Change Diplomacy (08/2011)

Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review Series

  • Module V: Briefing Prior to the Operational Activities Segment of the Economic and Social Council (06/2012)
  • Module IV: Perspectives from the Field (04/2012)
  • Module III: Positioning of the UN System in a Changing Development Landscape (03/2012)
  • Module II: Functioning of the UN Development System (02/2012)
  • Module I: Funding for UN Operational Activities for Development (02/2012)

Other Events:

  • ILO/UNEP/UNIDO/UNITAR: Partnership for Action on Green Economy (12/2013)
  • UNITAR/German Development Institute Event on Realizing the Sustainable Development Agenda (12/2013)
  • UNITAR/International IDEA Workshop on Democratic Governance and the Post-2015 Development Agenda
  • UNITAR/World Gold Council: Sustainability and Development (11/2013)
  • Orientation Course on the Security Council for Members of the Council (11/2013)
  • Workshop on the Reform of the United Nations (10/2013)
  • Commission on the Status of Women: Resolution Training (02/2013)
  • Structure, Drafting and Adoption of UN Resolutions (10/2013; 03/2013; 10/2012; 10/2011; 03/2011)
  • General Briefing for New Delegates to the General Assembly (09/2013; 09/2012; 09/2011)
  • Orientation Course for New Members of the Permanent Missions on the Work of the UN (04/2013; 04/2012)
  • Workshop on Elections to the United Nations Organs (03/2013; 03/2012; 03/2011)
  • Orientation Course on the Economic and Social Council for Members of the Council (06/2013)
  • Skills-Building Workshop: Chairing a Committee (06/2013)
  • Special Briefing on the Work of the First Committee of the GA (10/2012)