The negotiation process between UNITAR, the Jeju Self Governing Province and International Peace Foundation (IPF) – started mid 2009 – has reached a major stage with the Local Development Programme (LDP) mission in Jeju Island which took place from 23 to 26 November 2009.
UNITAR delegation visited the Jeju Peace Institute (JPI), its premises; among them the large office which will host the CIFAL Jeju as well as the conference room. A series of meetings with JPI officials took place to discuss and agree the broad lines of the Partnership Agreement to set up the center in Jeju.
CIFAL Jeju will be the training arm of the IPF providing face to face training to local authorities from the sub-region on themes related to human security and environment. CIFAL Jeju will be an information hub and a platform for promoting city-to-city cooperation particularly helping countries from the Asia Pacific region to learn and gain from the Republic of Korea’s experience in these areas.
The set up of CIFAL Jeju will be discussed at the next IPF Board meeting to be held in December 2009, and submitted for approval. Once approved, it is expected that the Partnership Agreement will be signed in March 2010 and the center will be launched in June/July 2010.
Prior to the visit in Jeju, LDP met with in Seoul with the UN Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to provide all necessary information regarding CIFAL Jeju and LDP activities and also to ensure the support of the Republic of Korea.
The field mission was undertaken in the context of the strengthened role of the Republic of Korea in the field of Development Aid, as it became an official member of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The DAC is an international forum that brings together donor governments and multi-lateral organizations to discuss and set standards for effective aid to developing countries.
In this regard, and to better respond to the needs of the beneficiaries in Asia Pacific, UNITAR intends to intensify its partnership with the Republic of Korea in the various field of sustainable development.
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Photos credit: Jeju Peace Institute 2006.