November 2012, Geneva, Switzerland - UNITAR’s Multilateral Diplomacy Programme has published the list of e-Learning courses available in 2013.

MDP’s new courses can be found on the e-Learning calendar for 2013.  If you have not yet had the opportunity to take UNITAR's courses, such as "Introduction to the United Nation System" or "Multilateral Conferences and Diplomacy", you will have the chance at the beginning of 2013.

New on the list is a course on "Water Diplomacy" established in partnership with UNESCO and the University of East Anglia. The course has been created in response to a raising need for training within the field of negotiation and mediation around water. The aim of this course is to provide the international diplomatic body with knowledge and a cadre of practical tools to help assess, prevent, and respond to the tensions arising from extreme situations of water scarcity and mismanagement worldwide.

Using the Internet as a training medium, MDP brings participants and trainers together in a unique virtual learning environment. The courses build on UNITAR’s experience designing and implementing training workshops on diplomacy and multilateral affairs at the country and regional levels.  All courses last between two to eight weeks. This corresponds to 5 - 8 study hours per week.

In 2012, as many as 775 participants took an e-Learning course with MDP and 96% of them stated that they would recommend the course to a colleague. This recommendation has now been passed to you!

In order to register for any e-Learning course please visit the online catalogue at:

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