UNITAR aims to become closer to its beneficiaries and better respond their needs by engaging in partnerships with academies, training institutions and centers of excellence in developing and emerging countries. This constitutes a way for leveraging respective strengths to develop modern learning and training environments, platforms, tools, and methodologies which are based on state-of-art research, both technical and pedagogical.
Partnerships with UNITAR also allows academic institutions to open up to new audiences, share knowledge in training and research, build up new collaborations and cross-fertilization with academic networks in other regions, and provide a structured offer to capacity-building and development needs.
“As the first university in Hong Kong to enter into an agreement with UNITAR, CityU is honoured to be part of a partnership that promotes educational and research collaboration while simultaneously underscoring CityU’s status as a leading educational institution.”
Prof. Chan Chi-hou, Acting Provost of City University of Hong Kong
“The NYU student body benefits greatly from having these talented young diplomats amongst us. The contributions they make in class, the richness they add to the community, and the experience they've had in the practice of international law, is an extraordinary addition to our vibrant global community. UNITAR is offering a terrific program and we're excited to have the chance to join forces."
Ms. Meera de Mel, Director of Global Initiatives, NYU School of Law