Working at the service of UN Member States since more than 40 years, it is critical for UNITAR to retain and develop confidence and attention of like-minded countries that are committed to support training activities in domains where the Institute brings significant contribution and added-value in achieving UN goals and objectives. 

A partnership with UNITAR provides Member States and their representatives with information, knowledge and skills necessary to effectively participate in international affairs, and to support UN goals and objectives. It gives therefore the chance for the beneficiary to complement its own research, training and capacity development activities with UNITAR’s training services and methodologies and an opportunity to extend its network of contacts, visibility, and partnerships with the international organizations that constitute the UN system.
“The partnership with UNITAR will bring invaluable skills and expertise to further strengthen the South-South cooperation agenda, in which the Brazilian government is one of the key players.”
H.E. Paulo Bernardo Silva, Ministry of Planning of Brazil
“The UNITAR initiative in the Niger Delta Region is a breakthrough as it offers a sustainable panacea for graduate re-training, perennial youth unemployment and the restoration of peace."
The Partnership for Sustainable Development(PSD) in the Niger Delta Region