About the Graduate Institute/UNITAR e-Learning Courses

The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) are pleased to announce the launch of their joint e-Learning courses on Global Economic Governance.

Our short-duration courses are designed specifically for senior and middle level officials and professionals wishing to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the global economic and financial system in a flexible and practical way.
High quality training content will be provided by the Graduate Institute and UNITAR for each course, which will form the basis for study, discussions, group work and individual assessments. The learning environment will comprise officials and professionals from all over the world (developing, emerging and industrialized nations) who will have a unique opportunity to study, share, and engage in practical discussions using our discussion board facility. Each course will be moderated by a panel of senior experts with global understanding of current challenges and issues.
Through a unique approach linking economic and political perspectives, each of our courses will aim to deepen the skills and understanding of participants, as well as allow participants an opportunity to network and dialogue with other officials and participants from across the globe so as to share country experiences and good practices in global economic governance.
Typically, each Graduate Insitute/UNITAR e-Learning course requires between 40 and 50 hours of study time spread over a four- to six-week period.
Why take a Graduate Institute/UNITAR e-Learning Course?
  • Our courses provide you with unique insights through an interdisciplinary approach linking economic and political perspectives.
  • Tap into the expertise of our panel of senior governance experts.
  • Deepen your understanding of current issues of global economic governance in a flexible and practical way.
  • Interact and network with senior and middle level officials and professionals from all over the world.