The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and LALIVE are pleased to announce their joint e-learning course on "Introduction to Investment Arbitration."

Investment arbitration is possibly the fastest-developing area of international law, combining elements of private dispute settlement, treaty law and public policy.  Due to the widespread geographical participation of States in investment treaties and the increased use of arbitration to settle disputes involving significant amounts of money, understanding the particularities and dynamics of investment law and arbitration is becoming increasingly important.

Introduction to Investment Arbitration is a four week course aimed at giving participants an overview of the specific issues relating to arbitration between foreign investors and host States, in particular under the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States (ICSID Convention) and Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs). 

The course uses up-to-date materials from treaty texts, case law and commentary to enable participants to evaluate the issues covered and to apply the legal doctrines discussed to future situations.  As investment arbitration is a fast-moving area of the law and many questions remain presently unsettled, emphasis is placed on highlighting different and sometimes conflicting interpretations and decisions, inviting participants to consider and analyse them. 

The learning environment will comprise officials and professionals from all over the world (developing, emerging and industrialized nations) who will have a unique opportunity to study, share, and engage in practical discussions using our discussion board facility. The course will be moderated by a panel of senior experts with global understanding of current challenges and issues.


LALIVE is an international law firm with offices in Geneva and Zurich, and in Doha, Qatar, LALIVE IN QATAR LLP.  It is renowned for its expertise and experience in international legal matters and in particular international dispute resolution, international projects, international corporate and business law, and international and economic criminal law.  It is also a full-service Swiss law practice.

LALIVE operates on a worldwide basis and its clients include private and public sector entities, states and international organizations.  The firm currently comprises lawyers and legal advisers from Switzerland and more than a dozen other countries, who together speak more than ten languages and whose legal expertise covers several key jurisdictions.  Over a fifty-year period, LALIVE has also developed an extensive network of legal specialists and experts from around the world and the firm often acts in cooperation with other law firms.

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At a Glance 

Course Title: Introduction to Investment Arbitration
Course Dates: March 14 to April 15, 2011
Application Status: Open
Course Duration: 5 weeks (including 1 week wrap-up)
Estimated total Learning time: Minimum 40 hours
Number of Participants: Up to 100
Format: Online/Internet-based (asynchronous, instructor-led)
Language of Instruction: English
Target Audience: Private sector professionals, country delegates and representatives, ministry and parliamentary officials, academics and researchers both in developing and developed countries.
Participant selection and fees: By registration (on a rolling basis). Participation fee: 800 USD (including certification). 

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