e-Learning Courses

Online Courses in Public Finance and Trade

The Public Finance and Trade Programme (PFTP) offers online executive education covering important current issues across key areas of public financial management, international trade and intellectual property.

The programme seeks to expand and enrich the capacities of government and private sector officials through virtual e-Learning environment, drawing heavily on UNITAR’s decades-long experience of using cutting-edge methodologies to deliver high quality training and research in collaboration with established partner institutions and international experts.

The e-Learning courses are designed to allow the participants to fit study around their schedule and learn from the comfort of their computers whilst still achieving high quality training. Invaluable group discussions, simulations and opportunities for international networking and collaboration amongst participants are facilitated through the online learning platform. The learning environment comprises of finance and trade sector officials from all over the world (developing, emerging and industrialized nations) who have a unique opportunity to study, share, and engage in practical discussions using our discussion board facility.

Each course is moderated by an international expert with an in-depth understanding of current challenges and issues. Each course also aims to deepen the skills and understanding of participants as well as allow them an opportunity to network and dialogue with other officials and co-participants so as to share country experiences and good practice in public finance and trade management issues.

Drawing from both theoretical inputs and real-world case studies along with the expertise of our instructors, each course takes into account the needs and requirements of participants from developing countries including LDCs, and emerging economies.

Each e-Learning course requires 40 to 50 hours of study time spread over a six-week period and a certificate is awarded by UNITAR to successful course participants.

Currently, UNITAR has developed over 1,000 hours of study material, which can be used by participants and learners for different purposes to suit their training needs.

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How to apply for an e-learning course

How to access your online course

UNITAR will send the username and password of all accepted participants via email on the Friday before the course starts along with other instructions on how to access the course. Please ensure that payment of the course fee is made before the course starts.

Important Notice

For 2014, all online courses will be conducted by UNITAR on a cost recovery basis. This will involve a fee of USD 600 to 800 per participant per course to cover operating costs and allow UNITAR to expand its content developent activities and offer new courses relevant for finance-sector and trade officials.

With UNITAR e-Learning, learners will continue to benefit from our up-to-date and engaging content, practical and applicable knowledge from instructor-moderated online discussions and network of global participants. Courses will be structured in small class size to allow personal and active mentoring from our Course Directors. Successful participants will be awarded a certificate from UNITAR.