E-Learning Partnerships

e-Learning Partnerships

The new UNITAR strategic plan calls for “building and strengthening strategic partnerships” with institutions from all sectors. Partnerships are already being expanded along North-South and South-South axes. A number of innovative training methodologies have been developed by UNITAR, and it is our intention to build a system of partnerships in several regions with a view to collaborate in offering joint e-Learning courses.

UNITAR would like to reach out to institutions at several levels to take advantage of respective comparative advantages: joint content development; sharing of expertise and know-how; sharing pedagogical and technical expertise; providing jointly certified/accredited courses. 

Advantages of an e-Learning Partnership with UNITAR

  • We can move your content from ‘binder’ into ‘browser’ format for online delivery.
  • We can provide our pedagogical and technical support for joint conduct of online courses.
  • We can help administer the learning experience of your participants in joint online courses.
  • Last but not least, think of cost-effectiveness and greater outreach for you in your training activities, and greater flexibility in learning for your participants/constituency.

A Typical Partnership

In addition to its regular online courses, UNITAR Public Finance and Trade programme also conducts courses in partnership with other institutions. One example of partnering with UNITAR could involve the partner providing its existing content and UNITAR providing its time-tested pedagogical approach and Learning Management System (LMS or e-Learning portal) for the conduct of joint e-Learning courses. Existing paper-based manuals and training material of partners have been converted into effective and impactful e-Learning courses by UNITAR in almost all its partnerships.