Seminar on High Performance Leadership (27/28 November 2013)


To succeed in today’s highly ambiguous, uncertain, and changing environment, organizations must develop a cadre of leaders who can lead anywhere in the world. Participants will attain the skills and strengths to achieve goals and increase the overall effectiveness of their organization in attaining results. The seminar is uniquely designed to equip participants with the practices and competencies required to lead effectively at any level and will enable those enrolled to reflect on the following questions:

  • How does my personal leadership style influence and inspire those I manage?
  • How do I create a powerful personal leadership state and have the credibility necessary to lead in turbulent times?
  • How do I help develop others to realise their potential?
  • How do I build upon my existing strengths as a leader?
  • How do I extend my leveraging of effective negotiation techniques?


Prof. George Kohlrieser
Professor of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
international Institute for Management Development (IMD)

>>Watch video: George Kohlrieser: Golden Nuggets for High Performance

>>Watch video: George Kohlrieser: What Great Leaders Do Best


This seminar builds on decades of UNITAR experience in strengthening the knowledge and skills of middle and senior-level officials from around the world. The primary intended beneficiaries of this seminar are:

  • Delegates and representatives of UN member countries
  • Government officials, Central Bank staff, finance and trade sector officials
  • NGO and civil society representatives
  • Managers from the private sector
  • Aspiring leaders

Benefits for the Participant:

  • Articulate and develop your leadership role within your organization.
  • Enhance your personal leadership presence and efficiency.
  • Learn how to lead teams to achieve high performance in times of ambiguity, uncertainty, and change.
  • Understand the influence you have on those you lead and develop effective relationships.

Benefits for the Organization

  • Develop future leaders with the ability to deliver success in any business context.
  • Instigate innovation, manage difficulty, and lead change.
  • Achieve more with less.
  • Gain competitive advantage with successful leadership that is aligned with an organization’s vision and business strategy.

Please note: The seminar will be conducted in English - interpretation to other languages will not be available.


The seminar is a two-day event focusing on improving the participant’s individual leadership style. Professor George Kohlrieser, a world renowned leadership and negotiation expert, will cover topics such as leadership mind-set, leadership in action, and effective negotiation and dialogue skills.  A diverse selection of activities will be used such as: role-playing, lectures, coaching, videos, group exercises and action learning. Entailing both theoretic and experiential elements, Professor Kohlrieser will place particular emphasis on the developing of participant leadership capabilities and confidence in times of transition and uncertainty.


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