UNITAR Public Finance and Trade Seminar Series

A Welcome Message from the Executive Director

Sally Fegan-Wyles

I am very pleased to introduce UNITAR’s Public Finance and Trade Seminar Series.

The first two seminars, taking place in October and November 2013, will focus on Effective International Negotiation and High Performance Leadership, respectively. Both events are designed to equip government and business executives with the skills to succeed in today’s highly ambiguous, uncertain, and changing environment.

UNITAR has been training leaders from all parts of the globe on international affairs for over 50 years. Today, the Institute concentrates on delivering executive training, promoting knowledge transfer, and developing human resource capacities in UN Member States.

The new Public Finance and Trade Seminar Series draws extensively on UNITAR’s active network of renowned international experts and practitioners, who each possess a wealth of academic and practical experience. This ensures that real-world examples, which facilitate experiential learning, are integrated into the coursework. These experts not only provide the course content and documentation, but also work closely with UNITAR to strengthen the pedagogical and practical aspects of the leadership training. We are certain that the insights gained will stay with each participant throughout their career.

Sally Fegan-Wyles
Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations
Director ad interim, UNITAR

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