10 June 2014, Curitiba, Brazil – The promotion of culture, creativity, tourism and education can attract investment and provide a favorable environment for attracting new businesses and retaining talent. Cities have an important role to play in building a “Creative Economy” that contributes to socio-economic development.

UNITAR’s training Centre in Brazil together with the Municipal Foundation of Culture of Campo Mourao (FUNDACAM) hosted the Municipal Forum of Culture aiming to promote the community's cultural activities. The forum took place in Curitiba, Brazil on May 15-16.

The main objective of the forum was to disseminate knowledge about the importance of promoting creative economies for local actors and how they can be leveraged as tools for economic development by promoting cultural and creative activities, considering the environmental characteristics and diversity of a sociocultural city.

During the forum an overview of the principles, approaches and trends in innovative business processes and social technologies from the perspective of a Creative Economy were presented. The forum also discussed how sectors such as culture and tourism can positively impact enterprises in traditional sectors, while contributing to human development and sustainability.

The forum gathered a community of 93 creative professionals, entrepreneurs, creative artists working in the cultural and creative sector of Campo Mourao of the State of Paraná, along with public leaders responsible for economic development policies and planning, and the private sector.