Welcome to the website of  UNITAR Week in Shanghai World Expo 2010!

UN Pavilion photoThe United Nations Institute for Training and Research, in cooperation with its partners, is organizing a series of exciting events and eye-catching exhibitions in the United Nations Pavilion in the Shanghai World Expo 2010 during the week 19-25 September 2010.

Estimated visitors to the UN pavilion are around 20,000 per day and reached a total amount of 600,000 from May till June 30th 2010. For the six-month period from May 1st till October 30th, the estimation of the number of visitors to the UN pavilion is about 2,5 million.

Selected events during the UNITAR week Shanghai World Expo 2010

Those events aim at showcasing UNITAR’s capacity development activities all over the world in relation with “Better city, Better Life” (Shanghai World Expo 2010 Theme) and “One Earth, One UN” (UN Pavilion Theme).

The Strategic Approach to Int'l Chemicals Managment-Implications for China and the World– 20th September: Participants will take a quiz on their knowledge on chemicals and the way chemicals are affecting our lives and environment;

Panel discussion on China-Africa economic cooperation: Chinese Companies' contributions to African development – 20th September: High level government officials and UN officials will exchange views on this new model for development cooperation;

Corporate Social Responsibility: the Millennium Development Goals and the Global Compact Principles: Experiences and Perspectives 21st September: Government officials, business leaders and media will share their understanding and experiences of corporate social responsibility as a leverage towards sustainable development;

Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility, the Millennium Development Goals and the Global Compact Principles: Experiences and Perspectives in Asia 22nd September: Government officials and Chinese business leaders will share their views on CSR strategies for Chinese companies in China and Africa;

UNITAR-CIFAL Network - 23rd  September Discussions about building capacities for sustainable local development

UNITAR Hiroshima Office Afghanistan Fellowship Programme presentation - 24th September: Presentation of the UNITAR Fellowship programme for Afghan officials followed by a cultural performance by an Afghan person;

UNITAR-Google day – 25th September: Presentation and demonstration of the latest information technology and how UNITAR is cooperation with Google for "Better City, Better Life"