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Winter 2013



Achievements 2012 - New Initiatives 2013

UNIAR achievement 2012 UNITAR has had a very successful year with close to 400 training events, enabling us to meet the educational needs of our global beneficiaries and providing us the opportunity to build partnerships with our stakeholders.

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of our 2012 achievements, and share some exciting new initiatives we will be working on throughout 2013. 


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We are delighted to send you the Winter Newsletter of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). In this issue, you will read articles about outstanding UNITAR achievements in 2012, new initiatives for 2013, and much more.

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”The information gathered will go a long way in
my personal development
and that of our organization."

Participant in the UNITAR course
"The Trade Dimension in United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks"

Web 2.0 course: Transforming knowledge into opportunities

ICfD course"I love this social media course. This new challenge keeps my IT skills very sharpened." This is just an example of participant's feedbacks about the Innovative Collaboration for Development (ICfD) course.

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Pilot projects investigate the role of safety in nanotechnology

Nanotechnology and manufactured nanomaterials ("nano") is an exciting new field that can promise a broad array of benefits to humans and our environment.

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Tracking chemical pollution in Latin America and Asia

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are chemicals that remain intact in the environment and accumulate in the fatty tissue of humans and wildlife, which have adverse effects on health or to the environment. UNITAR is involved in developing tools to monitor POPs.

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New Partnerships

partnersUNITAR and the Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan (MoF) signed a Letter of Agreement to provide training to MoF officials.

UNITAR signed a cooperation agreement with the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa.

UNITAR and the Ministry of Oil of the Republic of Iraq have signed a Letter of Agreement to implement a training programme on leadership, change management, and post-conflict reconstruction.


speakerA new course on United Nations Protocol will provide an overview of United Nations and multilateral protocol practices.

CIFAL Jeju has launched its new training series on Food & Nutrition Security. Applications are open for the first workshop in Jeju, South Korea.

10 years on, UNOSAT Humanitarian Rapid Mapping is a leading standard

UNOSAT map on LibyaIn 2003 UNOSAT initiated tests of the first version of its Humanitarian Rapid Mapping service, dedicated to supporting humanitarian decision making and ground operations. 10 years after, UNOSAT humanitarian rapid mapping is the gold standard not only in the UN but also in the competitive circle of GIS.

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New initiative to develop the M&E competencies in Nigeria

In 2012, UNITAR Nigeria and Delta State government signed a new agreement to develop the technical and managerial competencies for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of programmes and projects designed and implemented within the framework of Delta VISION 2020.

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UNITAR and UNCTAD demonstrate real-world situations in e-Learning course

Participants from 50 different countries recently completed the joint e-Learning course aimed to showcase the significance of international trade in supporting developing countries.

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Developing Capacity for Climate Change Negotiators

Climate Change NegotiationsWith the aim to develop capacity of climate change negotiators, UNITAR is introducing a new online course, “Climate Change Diplomacy: Negotiating Effectively Under UNFCCC,” in collaboration with Ricardo-AEA and the CDKN Advocacy Fund.

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UNTAR and UN ECA join forces to promote strategic development issues of Africa

In July 2012, UNITAR and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UN ECA) agreed to launch a joint e-Learning initiative to support Africa's move towards the 2017 target of achieving a Continental Free Trade Area.

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Online Catalogue and Virtual Learning Environment

at-mark UNITAR offers more than 400 events per year. Check out our e-Learning courses and other UNITAR events in our Online Catalogue.

Or consult the UNITAR Virtual Learning Environment and find e-Learning courses that best address your needs.

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