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Summer 2013



New technology

During the past decades, our lives have dramatically been changed with information technology and UNITAR has initiated many interesting project utilizing such technologies. In this newsletter, you will get an insight on how our research department uses new technology in innovative ways in different projects and how social media has become an important part of our communication strategy as well as of our course portfolio.


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We are delighted to send you the Summer Newsletter of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). In this issue, we would like to highlight how UNITAR is embracing new technology in its work.

comments Your feedback counts. We are enthusiastic to find out what you think about this e-Newsletter, its content and its relevance to you, our loyal readers. Please send us your comments or feedback to: communications<at>unitar.org.

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Social media and Web 2.0 for development

web2.0UNITAR is helping development professionals to discover the power of social media. In partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Institute delivers Innovative Collaboration for Development (ICfD), a 9-week e-Learning course that enables development practitioners to explore the potential of social media and web 2.0 tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their work and enhance the outreach of their organizations.

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Water resource mapping using satellite remote sensing

Back in 2004, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) mandated UNOSAT to use its satellite imagery expertise to identify ground-water resources in Chad. Based on this mapping drilling could take place to bring much needed water resources to refugees from Darfur and to Chad´s rural communities. As a result of UNOSAT´s analysis, there was a 40% increase in successful drilling projects carried out by UNHCR and Action Against Hunger.

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New Partnerships

partnersUNITAR and UNDP Afghanistan signed a Letter of Agreement to provide training to Afghan officials from the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute, Ministry of Economy, and Ministry of Commerce and Industries.


speaker UNITAR launched the 10th annual cycle of its 7-month long UNITAR Fellowship for Afghanistan.

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Our new video about rapid mapping shows how UNOSAT supports humanitarian operations and assists the civilian population in humanitarian crises and security situations.

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UNITAR on social media

facebookAre you on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Did you know that we are communicating via these platforms as well? Read how we use social media and what we are communicating about.

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UN-Asign - free crowdsourcing application

QRcodeOne of UNOSAT´s more innovative projects is UN-Asign, a free crowdsourcing application to support emergency responses and disaster risk reduction. The application was developed in partnership with AnsuR of Norway to answer the needs of the United Nations and national disaster management teams.

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UN social media blog

Social media has become an important part of the communication strategy of the United Nations and there are numerous "official UN social media accounts" on different platforms. If you are interested, you can check out the updates from around the UN system in the UN blog.

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Crowdsourcing and collaborative mapping in emergency response and disaster reduction

In the classic meaning of the term, crowdsourcing is the act by a company or institution of outsourcing a process, usually performed by its employees, to a large on-line network of unknown individuals who are given tasks to perform or problems to solve.

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Online Catalogue and Virtual Learning Environment

at-mark UNITAR offers more than 400 events per year. Check out our e-Learning courses and other UNITAR events in our Online Catalogue or consult the UNITAR Virtual Learning Environment and find e-Learning courses that best address your needs.

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