Staff, Interns, Trainees and Collaborators

Executive Director


Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations
Acting Head
Executive Director, UNITAR


Name Functional Title Programme
ADALLA, Michael Specialist PFTP
ALI, Adam Research Assistant UNOSAT
ARYA, Kalpesh Finance Assistant FBS
AUBERT, Maëlle Research Associate UNOSAT
Specialist CWM
BELABBES, Samir Research Associate UNOSAT
BJORGO, Einar Manager UNOSAT
BOMS, Lawrence Head PHPO
BOYER, Brook Manager PPRS
BROMLEY, Lars Research Adviser UNOSAT
BUCZKOWSKI, Krzysztof Associated Fellow DCP
CAKSS, Armands Finance and Budget Officer FBS
CAMPAGNOLO, Edson Luiz Associated Fellow DCP
CHERIFI, Mohand Partnership and Resource Mobilization Senior Adviser PRMS
CHUNG, Dal-Ho Associated Fellow DCP
CROCI, Claudia Associate Programme Officer PTP
DAVE, Roshni Specialist UNOSAT
DE JESUS FIGUEIRA, Ana Assistant to the Executive Director OED
DELL'ORO, Luca Specialist UNOSAT

Head, Operations Unit
Chief, Human Resources, Administration and Procurement

DOSS, Virginia Training Associate CWM
EAST, May Associated Fellow DCP
EBONG, Ima Specialist DCP
EL HADDAD, Rabih Manager MDP
FAJOYOMI, Jide Research Assistant PHPO
FARES, Jose Antonio Associated Fellow DCP
FIOL-PICO, Manuel Research Assocate UNOSAT
FRASER, Emily Specialist MDP
GIORGETTA, Sueli Manager KSI
GUGLIELMI, Vanessa Research Assistant UNOSAT
HAINES, John Associated Fellow CWM
HALPAAP, Achim Senior Manager EGP & CWM
HANGGRAINI, Dina Finance Clerk FBS
HORSTBRINK, Amrei Training Associate CCP
JORDA ALVAREZ, Carolina Research Associate UNOSAT
KAMAL, Ahmad Full-Time Senior Fellow NYO
KAMAL, Babar Manager PFTP
KAMAWI, Mohammad Musa Associated Fellow DCP
KARAMBIZI, Evariste Manager PTP
KENDALL, Harry Research Associate UNOSAT
KUMAMOTO, Mihoko Head HO
LESSER, Craig Associated Fellow DCP
LODICO, Yvonne Head NYO
MACKAY, Angus Manager CCP
MASHFIQ, Khaled Research Associate UNOSAT
McKENZIE, Berin Specialist HO
MEDANI, Amal Associate Director, Training Department
Head, Governance Unit
MEJIA, Alex Manager DCP
MINIMAH, Edmundson Training Associate PHPO
MUSUMECI, Ivana Administration and Procurement Clerk APS
MUYINDA, Emmanuel Finance Assistant FBS
NAKAYAMA, Hiroko Specialist PMCP
NAVARRO GARCIA, Celia Research Assistant UNOSAT
NJEMANZE, Ihouma Training Assistant PHPO
OBARE, Phyllis Research Assistant UNOSAT
OLUGBOJI, Oluwatooki Research Assistant PHPO
ORTIZ, Javier Associated Fellow DCP
PEDERSEN, Wendi Research Associate UNOSAT
PETERSON, Peter Associated Fellow  CWM
PISANO, Francesco Director RD
PLOUVIEZ, Nicolas Specialist DCP
PRODEN, Elena Training and Research Associate MDP
RIEDY, Trisha Manager PMCP
RUSACK, Eleanor Research Assistant UNOSAT
SAITO, Yuri Training Associate CWM
SCHMALZ, Andreas Associate Programme Officer PFTP
SENEGAS, Olivier Specialist UNOSAT
SOKOUT, Sabahuddin Training Associate HO
THOMAS, Bini Administrative Assistant APS
TSCHOPP, Jennifer Research Assistant UNOSAT
VALERIO, Ron IT Specialist CITSS
VAN DAMME, Olivier Specialist UNOSAT
WOLLAERT, Peter Associated Fellow DCP
WOLUGBOM, Pamaro Training Assistant PHPO
WU, Yugang Associated Fellow DCP
YUAN, Rebecca Ying Associate Human Resources Officer HRS

Interns, Trainees and Collaborators

Name Nationality Programme/
Contract dates  
ACHIKE, Phillip Francis Nigerian CITSS 06-2013 to 06-2014  
BARBOSA-PEREIRA, Andrea Cape Verdean PTP 11-2013 to 05-2014  
CANDREA, Ioan Emilian Romanian/British KSI 11-2013 to 05-2014  
CAVAZZINI, Max Bruno Italian/South African NYO 02-2014 to 05-2014  
CISSE, Mamadou Guéladio French CITSS 11-2013 to 06-2014  
DE VITIS, Annalisa Italian PTP 01-2014 to 07-2014  
DESOUTTER, Morgane German/French PTP 01-2014 to 07-2014  
FRIGO, Mara Italian PTP 10-2013 to 04-2014  
GARCIA UZQUIANO, Daniel Spanish KSI 10-2013 to 04-2014  
GARNAVAULT, Stéphane French CITSS 03-2014 to 06-2014  
GONZALEZ ROJAS, Natasha Desire Venezuelan DCP 03-2014 to 08-2014  
HABERMACHER, Ruben Swiss FBS 02-2014 to 06-2014  
HUEMMER, Andrew Howard American NYO 01-2014 to 06-2014  
IYAHEN, Osatohanmwen Dianna Barbadian HO 01-2014 to 04-2014  
LOLLO, Federica Italian MDP 03-2014 to 08-2014  
MAIER, Markus Albert German MDP 12-2013 to 06-2014  
MONDE-ANUMIHE, Chinenye Nigerian/American MDP 04-2014 to 09-2014  
OSIR, Jeremy Ominde Kenyan HO 01-2014 to 04-2014  
PASSOS MORELLI CUNHA, Natalia Brazilian DCP 02-2014 to 05-2014  
RAKHMANOVA, Nozima Russian PFTP 02-2014 to 08-2014  
SABZWARI, Syeda Zainab Pakistani PFTP 02-2014 to 08-2014  
SALSOTTO CASSINA, Nina Italian PFTP 03-2014 to 09-2014  
SIDDIQI, Hedayatullah Afghan/Turkish HO 01-2014 to 04-2014  
STELLER, Lisa Maren German PTP 03-2014 to 08-2014  
SUDHIR, Karthika Indian MDP 11-2013 to 05-2014  
SUN-SUON, Madevi Cambodian DCP 02-2014 to 05-2014  
TCHANG, Tiffany Belgian UNOSAT 10-2013 to 04-2014  
VARGAS VILLAVICENCIO, Karla del Rocio Peruvian MDP 11-2013 to 05-2014  
VAUCHER, Sandrine Swiss PMCP 04-2014 to 09-2014  

APS - Administration and Procurement Section
CCP - Climate Change Programme
CITSS- Communication and Information Technology Support Section
CWM - Chemicals and Waste Management
DCP - Decentralized Cooperation Programme
EGP - Environmental Governance Programme
EU - Environment Unit
FBS - Finance and Budget Section
GU - Governance Unit
HO - Hiroshima Office
HRS - Human Resources Section
ILP - International Law Programme
KSI - Knowledge Systems Innovation
MDP - Multilateral Diplomacy Programme
NYO - New York Office
OED - Office of the Executive Director
OU - Operations Unit
PFTP - Public Finance & Trade Programme
PHPO - Port Harcourt Project Office
PMCP - Peacemaking and Conflict Prevention Programme
PPRS - Planning, Performance and Results Section
PRMS - Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Section
PSDU - Peace, Security and Diplomacy Unit
PTP - Peacekeeping Training Programme
RD - Research Department
UNOSAT - Unitar Operational Satellite Applications Programme