UNOSAT and their partners will realize during the first week of May a real-time exercise to evaluate TANGO satellite telecommunication solutions to mitigate the consequence of next yearly monsoon season in the HUE province in Vietnam. The “Vulnerability Mapping” demonstration scenario supports the RESPOND (GMES services supporting humanitarian relief, Disaster Reduction and reconstruction - GMES project, and focuses on preparedness operation to mitigate the effect of floods in the South East Asia. Focussing on a thematic mapping exercise in the field of vulnerability risk reduction, the scenario also includes the requirements for crisis situation, i.e. field information transmission in real-time several times a day.

The scenario will be run in compliance with United Nations, national and regional authorities rules and needs, under the coordination of the Vietnamese National University. Local authorities in charge of disaster relief operations (Vietnam National Committee for Search and Rescue) will also be involved in the demonstration participating to field data collection.
The scenario will count on the support of TANGO solutions for telecom equipment and services (, which will evaluate telecommunications benefits in support to both preparedness and crisis phases within the disaster cycle. TANGO solutions will provide reliable communications when terrestrial networks are not available such as in the case of natural disaster events, and will support field team activities with portable equipments integrating several technologies.
From TANGO team, UNOSAT coordinator of the demonstration, Infoterra France in charge of Eliseo tool, and EADS Astrium, project coordinator will be present in Vietnam. The team will benefit from Inmarsat supports for the satellite bandwidth services provision ( and from Ansur Technologies the support for the ASIGN Image Communications Solution.
RESPOND project will produce the vulnerability maps in support of the demonstration. The access to the telecommunications services supporting GMES products dissemination, collection and transmission back of on-the field data collection, will be made through the TANGO Common Telecommunications Services Service Platform.
Fig : Telecom architecture for the demonstration