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2015 Time for Glolal Action

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Post-2015 "Preparing for Action" National Briefings

Working together with the UN Development Group ( ) and the UN System Staff College (, UNITAR has produced a national briefing package to help increase the understanding of the Post-2015 agenda at national level. The package is a self-explanatory integrated toolkit designed to support national facilitators in planning and delivering briefings at the country level. It contains a range of materials such as videos, presentations with built-in guidance on how to reflect local data and information, exercises, and participant’s manual, and proposes a template for a sample structure for national briefings. The package reflects the universal nature of the agenda and can be used by all UN Member States in their efforts to inform the key stakeholders about the content and the implications of the Post-2015 agenda.

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MOOC on Introduction to the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda for UN Delegates and Negotiators

Interested in taking a Massive Open Online Course “Introduction to the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda for UN Delegates and Negotiators”?  Register here >>


To accompany and support the process to develop the post-2015 sustainable development agenda  during the past two years, UNITAR has been developing and implementing a series of briefings in collaboration with the UN family.  The first series of briefings was delivered to  delegates to the United Nations in New York and Geneva, to strengthen the knowledge base for negotiations. Currently, a new training package for national briefings is being disseminated, which is designed for key national stakeholders to support the first stage of awareness raising about the key messages and content of the Post-2015 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Post-2015 national briefing package was designed jointly by UNITAR and UNDG combining UNITAR’s expertise in learning methodologies and the wealth of knowledge of the UNDG. It was piloted by the Government of Uganda in May 2015 (learn more

In parallel, UNITAR has been delivering a massive online open course for UN Delegates and Negotiators. This course makes accessible online to anyone interested  the knowledge base developed for the diplomatic briefings  with guidance from  the Secretary-General’s Special Advisor Amina Mohammed and the Post-2015 Steering Group, as well as expert contributions from 22 UN entities.

As the new development agenda is negotiated and adopted in September 2015, UNITAR will continue to harness its training and learning expertise to develop programmes and learning tools to  support all  stages of national adaptation and mainstreaming processes, including the integration of the SDGs into national planning and programming, and the implementation of the agenda at country level.

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UN Staff are encouraged to visit the Post-2015 Learning Hub developed by the UN System Staff College for key learning resources, information and executive lounge chats and community forums.