Climate Change and Green Diplomacy

Climate Change and Green Diplomacy

Building agreement on solutions to international environmental problems is one of the greatest diplomatic challenges of this century. Our courses introduce the specialized knowledge and skills needed to address these challenges. A big part of our work consists of supporting delegations in their preparations for UNFCCC negotiations.

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Climate Change Diplomacy: Negotiating Effectively Under the UNFCCC

e-Learning / English / 8 weeks

This online course will develop participants’ understanding of the climate change policy framework, by building an appreciation of the science, causes, and impacts of climate change; the history of the policy making process and the UNFCCC framework; and will also consider the pertinent challenges currently facing diplomats and international decision makers in making progress with what is currently on the negotiating table.

Climate Change Diplomacy: Dynamics of UNFCCC negotiations

Face-to-face / English / 3–5 days

This workshop will blend sessions on conference diplomacy and multilateral negotiations with the development of substantive knowledge in the field of climate change. It will also cover the multilateral negotiation framework and climate change conference agenda to increase participants' awareness of the legal and political structures that exist when addressing climate change issues. The workshop will feature simulation and case study exercise in order to enhance participants' ability to engage constructively in negotiation and consensus-building.

Green Diplomacy

e-Learning / English / 6 weeks

This course aims to support the overall integration of environmental considerations into key diplomacy tracks by considering the substantive issues in question, understanding the gaps in existing policy frameworks and ongoing multilateral negotiations, and equipping negotiators with concrete tools and resources for advancing their environmental priorities in these respective decision-making processes.

Introduction to Water Diplomacy

e-Learning / English / 4 weeks

The purpose of this course is to provide knowledge resources, circumstantial experiences, and a cadre of tools to water-relevant stakeholders so as to enhance their ability to assess, prevent, and respond to the tensions arising from situations of water scarcity and mismanagement worldwide.It will raise awareness on the current state of freshwater resources worldwide and the need for adequate diplomatic solutions to stimulate cooperation around the way the resource is managed. It will provide knowledge resources, circumstantial experiences, and a cadre of tools to water-relevant stakeholders . Several case studies and a simulation exercise will help participants to put their acquired knowledge into practice.