4 - 15 February 2013, Musanze district, South Sudan - In the light of its niche “enhancing capacity in Africa through the Training of trainers”, UNITAR and its partner Rwanda Peace Academy (RPA) have put efforts together in order to enhance the capacity of local staff for the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) through the Training of Trainers (ToT) and the training course on Security Sector Reform (SSR) in Nyakinama, Musanze district, from 04 - 15 February 2013.

group photo of participants in the training of trainers workshop on security sector rerformThe training course aimed at enhancing the capacity of the South Sudanese staff working with UNMISS and is one of many other training courses scheduled to be delivered as part of the broader plan to enhance the civilian capacity and the mission exit strategy. Through the National Staff Capacity Building , UNMISS’ objective is to provide "a define set of skills in a number of knowledge areas that will allow national staff to progressively assure high levels of responsibility and develop their professional careers”.

Inspired from the concept developed by the Chairman of the PTP Advisory Board, Mr. Jean Marie Guéhenno, for “Enhancing the Capacity of African Peacekeeping Training Institutions”, and prefaced by Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi, UNITAR,  they designed together the tailor made training programme where by UNMISS, through its Intergraded Training Center, determined the training needs and selected the adequate training courses for the South Sudanese National staff.

Although this kind of training will always be an opportunity whereby trainees learn from facilitators and vice-versa, in this particular case, it is a very unique occasion to attend a training course on a peacebuilding related topic in Rwanda. Through its painful experience and its homegrown solution results, Rwanda has become a real laboratory for Peacebuilding through which the people working in post conflict countries could understand and draw lessons on the steps and changes that Rwanda has been through to reach where it is today in building and promoting peace.

With the approach of the ToT course not only is the knowledge transferred to participants on the specific topic, “Security Sector Reform” but it also provides beneficiaries with the skills and techniques on the best ways to pass that knowledge on to other individuals.

Participants will be given the opportunity to put these new skills into practice at the end of the course, but more importantly, the content of the course will be handed over to the UNMISS IMTC and its newly-trained Trainers, thereby leaving a real heritage with the UNMISS IMTC, and therefore ensuring the ownership and sustainability of the initiative.